Writing a Compelling Executive Assistant Cover Letter

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Writing a Compelling Executive Assistant Cover Letter

Your cover letter is often the first impression a hiring manager will have of you as a candidate for an executive assistant role. An exceptional cover letter is essential to demonstrate your fit for the position and motivate the reader to review your resume.

This comprehensive guide covers best practices, formats, examples, and tips to craft a polished, engaging executive assistant cover letter. Follow this advice to make your application stand out and increase your chances of landing an interview.

The Crucial Role of the Cover Letter in Your Executive Assistant Job Application

Cover letter

In today’s digital-first job market, some argue cover letters are obsolete. However, they remain highly recommended for professional roles like executive assistants. Consider these advantages of including a cover letter with your application:

  • Introduces your personal brand and communication skills
  • Allows you to connect your experience directly to the target role
  • Conveys passion and motivation for the opportunity
  • Provides context that a resume alone cannot
  • Complements and expands on your resume details
  • Demonstrates invested interest in working for the hiring company

Take time to customize your cover letter for each application. A thoughtful, targeted letter can get your foot in the door.

How to Craft the Structure and Content of Your Letter

Follow proven cover letter best practices in terms of structure, length, content, and style:

  • Addressed to the hiring manager (by name if possible)
  • 4-5 well-written paragraphs
  • Formal business letter format
  • Tailored content to the executive assistant opportunity
  • Clear, concise writing free of errors
  • Professional, friendly tone

Cover the following key points:

  • Intro – Express interest in the role and company. Name the position you’re applying for.
  • Body – Highlight 2-3 relevant qualifications, skills, and achievements that align with the job description. Provide brief examples. State why you’re a great fit.
  • Close – Thank the reader, reiterate interest, and guide to resume. Provide contact information.

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples and Template

Here are two examples illustrating effective cover letter writing for executive assistant roles:

Example 1:

Dear Ms. Johnson,

When I discovered your opening for an Executive Assistant to support the Partners at Smith & Associates LLP, I felt compelled to submit my application. With over seven years of experience managing calendars, travel, expenses, and correspondence for senior executives across global industries, I am confident I have the expertise and qualifications to excel in this role.

In my current position as Executive Assistant to the CFO of ACME Corporation, I oversee an array of administrative and operational duties to maximize my executive’s productivity. My contributions include streamlining expense reporting procedures to reduce the processing time by 20%, coordinating leadership meetings and events for 50+ directors globally, and serving as liaison between the CFO and partners, employees, clients, and vendors. I take great pride in providing exceptional support that allows executives to focus on strategic priorities.

Additionally, I possess strengths in prioritization, problem-solving, communication, and advanced proficiency in MS Office and other workplace technologies. My attached resume outlines my background further, but I am certain my skillset translates seamlessly to the demands of supporting busy partners and excelling as part of your team at Smith & Associates.

I wish to convey my appreciation for reviewing my application. I’m excited to discuss how I can contribute to this role. Please contact me to arrange a call or interview at your convenience.

Warm regards, [Your name and contact information]

Example 2:

Dear Hiring Manager,

When I discovered the Executive Assistant opportunity with Acme Inc., I was compelled to submit my credentials. With over a decade of experience providing comprehensive administrative support to C-level executives, I am confident I possess the requisite abilities to thrive in this role.

Throughout my career, I have managed various executive offices with utmost discretion and efficiency. My contributions have included streamlining office operations, maximizing productivity, fielding sensitive communications, coordinating domestic and global travel, compiling detailed expense reports, and providing a bridge to employees, vendors, and visitors.

Specifically, in my current position at XYZ Corp, I support a Director-level executive and their team of 15. My efforts have led to improved organization-wide communication, a 5% decrease in travel expenses, and more effective meeting planning and document management. I take pride in allowing leaders to focus on big-picture priorities by handling day-to-day administrative minutiae flawlessly.

In addition to my robust experience, I possess sharp problem-solving skills, a proactive approach, excellent written and verbal communication abilities, and expertise in Microsoft Office and related platforms. I am confident that I have the ideal background to support your executive staff with the utmost care and professionalism.

I appreciate your time reviewing my qualifications. I look forward to the chance to discuss how I can be an asset to your company. Please reach out to schedule a conversation when it suits you.

Thank you, [Your name and contact information]

As these examples illustrate, effective executive assistant cover letters concisely demonstrate your qualifications while conveying enthusiasm for the company and role.

Adapt the following template as a model for your own letter:

[Date] [Hiring Manager Name] [Company Name] [Company Address]

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

Introduction: Express excitement for the role and company. Name the specific position you’re applying for.

Body: Highlight 2-3 key qualifications that align with the job description. Provide brief examples of related experience and achievements. State why you’re an excellent fit.

Close: Thank the reader, restate enthusiasm for the role, and direct to resume. Provide contact information.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Additional Cover Letter Tips and Resources for Executive Assistants

Keep these additional tips in mind to craft a stellar letter:

  • Research the company’s website and blog to reference values and initiatives
  • Use strong action verbs like “managed”, “streamlined”, and “strategized”
  • Avoid overused buzzwords – keep it simple and readable
  • Check for errors – read it aloud and have someone else proofread
  • Print on high-quality resume paper if submitting physically


A compelling, thoughtful cover letter is one of the most important components of an executive assistant job application. Use the guidance and examples provided to highlight your top qualifications and set yourself apart. With a prioritized, benefit-focused cover letter tailored to the role, you can catch a hiring manager’s interest and land an interview.
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