Top 10 Must-Watch Crypto Movies That Every Enthusiast Should See

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Top 10 Must-Watch Crypto Movies That Every Enthusiast Should See

As cryptocurrencies continue exploding into the mainstream, sparking curiosity and conversations globally, it’s no surprise Hollywood wants in on the action. Several engaging crypto-centered films now exist spanning various genres from drama to comedy to thriller, offering peeks into different aspects of digital asset culture while providing no shortage of entertainment.

Crypto Movie

For crypto enthusiasts hungry to boost their understanding or simply seeking a fun divergence for crypto movie night, this guide will explore 10 must-see crypto movies guaranteed to scratch that crypto-curiosity itch. The flicks below run the gamut from acclaimed award winners to hilarious satires to riveting documentaries. Just read on before grabbing the popcorn.

1. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin explores the origins and volatile early growth of the world’s first major decentralized digital cryptocurrency, created in 2009. The documentary covers Bitcoin’s ideological foundations and its potential to disrupt financial systems through a public ledger called blockchain, despite ongoing regulatory and security challenges.

2. Crypto

Starring veterans Kurt Russell and Luke Hemsworth, Crypto centers on money laundering activities within the colorful backdrop of the NY crypto scene. When a Wall Street banker’s son vows to save their family’s failing Colorado bank through emerging crypto investments, artful mayhem ensues across New York and Connecticut highlighting Bitcoin’s early battle for legitimacy.

3. Dope

Before dominating the music charts, hip-hop artist ASAP Rocky plays eccentric Bitcoin dealer-to-the-stars in this engaging urban coming-of-age drama. When bookish teen Malcolm gets tangled up delivering drugs for the local gang, he and his friends soon discover an out using Bitcoin to ultimately escape the streets and fulfill their promising futures.

4. Deep Web

This tense 2015 thriller documents the real case of Ross Ulbricht and the notorious dark web bazaar Silk Road he founded. After building a utopian crypto-fueled online drug empire, Ulbricht incurred the wrath of politicians and FBI agents leading to his dramatic takedown and life imprisonment. The movie ends with a scary message to those who are thinking of going into the dark side of the internet.

5. Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet

I found the documentary Cryptopia to be really interesting and informative. It had interviews with a lot of important people like Niall Ferguson, Jeffrey Tucker and people who were actually involved in the creation of Bitcoin. The documentary provides a clear understanding of the ideological background that led to the initial success of Bitcoin. While studying how it begins and how it can impact our future in terms of online privacy and liberty. As the world becomes more regulated with strict rules and restrictions, we are witnessing a growing importance of these themes.

6. Singularity

In this ambitious but uneven crowd-funded sci-fi indie, Bitcoin plays a cameo role decades in the future when AI outsmarts humankind and weaponizes world financial systems against them. The flick takes bewildering plot detours and possesses more style than substance. Still, its underlying themes around technology disrupting society make for an engaging, Black Mirror-esque thought experiment if viewers suspend some disbelief.

7. Bitcoin Heist

Bitcoin factors prominently in this kinetic action caper emanating from Vietnam. When an Interpol agent assembles a team of elite hackers to steal a Bitcoin fortune from a notorious crime syndicate, full-throttle fight scenes erupt across Ho Chi Minh City in this adrenaline-fueled thrill ride. It’s no cinematic triumph, but Bitcoin Heist entertainingly shows the cryptocurrency’s early criminal associations while packing serious punch.

8. The Bitcoin Entanglement

This goofball comedy mocks every crypto cliché in the book as it explores the zany world of Bitcoin investing. After twoActor Actress roommates seek their fortune day trading digital coins, chaos and confusion comically ensue across Silicon Valley and Hollywood in this crass but charming spoof. While the loose plot disintegrates by the climax, The Bitcoin Entanglement offers consistent laughs specifically for those living the crypto trade.

9. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Unlike most documentaries only spotlighting Bitcoin, Trust Machine examines how blockchain technology now impacts global affairs from growth in developing nations to securing democratic voting systems. Featuring heavy hitter experts like Tim Draper, Joseph Lubin and Bri Lo, the film tracks blockchain’s evolution and its capacity to engender societal trust lacking in so many institutions today.

10. Crypto Rush

Wrapping up our crypto movies list, Crypto Rush peers behind the curtain of recent Bitcoin mania by profiling diverse individuals seduced by emerging digital fortunes. Ranging from blue-collar investors to eccentric VC gurus, Crypto Rush reveals the sweeping socioeconomic impact of cryptocurrencies through intimate personal narratives. It makes for a fitting capstone demonstrating crypto’s ubiquitous spread into every crevice of culture.


As evidenced in the crypto movies above, Hollywood evidently recognizes the crypto activity brewing worldwide as filmmakers embrace Bitcoin and blockchain technology to craft informative, provocative and entertaining stories around this digital domain. Given crypto’s recent explosion, we’ll undoubtedly witness even more releases going forward dramatizing greed, idealism, criminality and promise sweeping the crypto landscape for general audiences.

Of course diehard enthusiasts don’t need cinema to embrace this movement. But for casual observers or loved ones you’re attempting to onboard, these films provide an insightful, dramatic gateway into various facets of the crypto and blockchain universe beyond stale financial magazines or news clips. So turn down the lights, fire up the TV and immerse yourself in the media embodying the ethos of this revolutionary asset class!


Is crypto portrayed accurately in movies?

Crypto movies run the gamut from rather accurate to extremely exaggerated. But most balance education and entertainment fairly responsibly. Certain documentaries like Trust Machine or Cryptopia offer quite reliable glimpses. Ultimately crypto movies dramatize scenarios, so maintain skepticism and check other sources.

What was the first crypto movie ever made?

Given Bitcoin’s launch in 2009 after the 2008 financial crisis, the first major Bitcoin documentary emerged in 2013: The Cryptocurrency market is booming and Bitcoin is on top. A few obscure artistic shorts preceded it, but Rise stands as the definitive crypto pioneering movie.

Are any major Hollywood movies featuring crypto coming soon?

Yes! 2023 and 2024 will see the launch of several major studio crypto movies starring A-listers like George Clooney, Kate Winslet and even the late Anne Heche in her final performance. The books Billion Dollar Whale and Fake Accounts also get adapted into upcoming crypto thrillers. So expect way more blockbuster crypto representation!

Do I need an understanding of crypto before watching these crypto movies?

Not necessarily. Of course some basic familiarity helps contextualize plots or technologies referenced. But most titles focus storytelling around characters and universal themes that any viewer can appreciate regardless of crypto fluency. Even total newbies will follow and enjoy the drama on display.

Which crypto movies best explain the technical workings of crypto and blockchain?

For the most precise technical breakdowns, the documentaries Banking on Bitcoin, Cryptopia, Trust Machine and Rise of Bitcoin all thoroughly demystify blockchain mechanics alongside insider interviews. So target those if desire the academic knowledge foundations beyond just entertainment.


Hollywood recognizes a cultural movement growing fiercely enough to increasingly permeate mainstream consciousness. And with unprecedented liquidity gushing into digital markets daily, expect crypto plotlines to only broaden in crypto movies looking forward.

Yet hardcore enthusiasts require no celluloid validation. Because regardless of silver screen portrayal, crypto and blockchain technologies will proceed inexorably transforming global finance and society in general long after the credits roll. Whether the accompanying cinema entertains, misleads or enlightens audiences will hardly dictate that eventuality.

Yet if nothing else, Hollywood’s embrace signals to everyday viewers what visionaries already know: that the imaged future of digital currency and decentralized ledgers grows nearer each passing day. So let the pictures play on for the uninitiated. Then go build directly for those ready to forge tomorrow today using tools history will memorialize far beyond any crypto movie plot!


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