The 7 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2024

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The 7 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2024

Pregnancy can make sleeping comfortably a challenge. The extra weight, changing body shape, and aches and pains can make it difficult to get quality rest. A pregnancy pillow can provide the perfect solution, offering optimal support and alignment to cradle your body. This guide covers the benefits of the best pregnancy pillows and reviews the top-rated options to alleviate discomfort and allow for the best sleep during pregnancy.

Why Pregnant Women Can Benefit from a Pregnancy Pillow
A pregnant woman peacefully rests on a bed, supported by a comfortable pillow

Pregnancy pillows provide a number of important benefits for expecting moms:

  • Support the extra weight of your belly to take pressure off your back and hips
  • Keep you comfortably positioned on your side, the recommended sleeping position during pregnancy
  • Prevent pain in the back, legs, neck, and shoulders by providing cushion and alignment
  • Allow your body to nestle into the pillow, keeping you in place throughout the night
  • Help regulate temperature with breathable filling like microbeads
  • Reduce acid reflux symptoms by propping your head and torso at an incline
  • Offer comforting cushioning you can hold onto and nestle your pregnant body into

Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillows tailored to your needs and preferences ensures you reap these restorative benefits nights after night.

The 7 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2024

Based on expert and buyer reviews, these are the Best Pregnancy Pillows on the market specially designed for pregnancy support and comfort:

  1. Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow – Provides excellent full-body support in a C-shape design. Removable and machine washable zipper cover.
  2. Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow – U-shaped pillow offers cushion for a head, back, hips, knees, and belly. Extended length is great for taller women.
  3. Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow – Contoured U-shape hugs your front and back. The angle between pillow arms accommodates belly growth.
  4. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge – For women wanting less bulk, the wedge offers ergonomic belly, back, or knee support.
  5. Leachco Snoogle Original – The S-shape supports and aligns hips, back, neck, and belly. The detachable cover is machine washable.
  6. Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – Fully adjustable filling allows you to customize the loft and shape for personalized comfort and support.
  7. Mamalook Nursing Pillow – Designed for pregnancy through breastfeeding with a curved shape, detachable extension, and breathable cotton cover.

What to Look for in a Best Pregnancy Pillow

When comparing Best Pregnancy Pillow options, keep these key features in mind:

  • Design – Consider whether you want wrapped full-body support from a U or C shape or targeted support from a wedge shape.
  • Adjustability – Some pillows allow you to remove or add filling to personalize loft, firmness, and support.
  • Length – Pick an appropriate size for your height to support joints. Many are over 5 feet long.
  • Cover material – Breathable cotton or bamboo covers prevent overheating. Look for zip-off covers that are machine washable.
  • Hypoallergenic – If allergies are a concern, choose pillows with hypoallergenic polyester fiber or microbead filling.
  • Price – While costs vary widely, you can find quality pregnancy pillows under $50 or high-end options around $100 or more.
  • Reviews – Check feedback from other pregnant women to learn about comfort, durability, and real customer experiences.

By selecting the Best Pregnancy Pillow designed to meet your sleep position needs, comfort preferences, and budget, you can create the ideal nest to relax in each night.

FAQS About Best Pregnancy Pillow :

Q: When during pregnancy should I start using a pregnancy pillow?
Answer: Your sleep needs will likely start changing around 16-20 weeks pregnant as your belly grows. This mid-pregnancy period is often when discomfort sets in and a pillow provides the most relief.

Q: How do I choose between different pregnancy pillow shapes like U, C, and wedge?
Answer: It’s about personal preference and sleeping position. U and C shapes offer full body support and cradling comfort. Wedges provide targeted belly or back support when you don’t need total envelopment.

Q: Are pregnancy pillows only meant for sleep or can I use them during the day too?
Answer: Many women find pregnancy pillows provide welcomed cushioning and support any time of day. Use them on couches, beds, or even on floors to prop your body while sitting, reclining, or resting.

Q: Can my partner use my pregnancy pillow too?
Answer: While designed for expectant moms, partners can definitely benefit from pregnancy pillows as well, especially larger U and C shaped options with room to share.

Q: Are pregnancy pillows a worthwhile investment?
Answer: Absolutely! Quality sleep is priceless, especially during pregnancy. Investing in a pillow brings comfort each night and may be used postpartum for nursing support. It’s an excellent investment in self-care.


A Best Pregnancy Pillow can make all the difference when it comes to quality rest during pregnancy. The right pillow offers tailored support to your belly, back, hips and shoulders. It allows you to sleep comfortably in the recommended side position as your body changes. With so many options available in different shapes, sizes and price points, research and select a pillow that will cradle you and match your comfort needs. Then get ready to enjoy rejuvenating sleep during your pregnancy!

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