Styling 101: How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

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Styling 101: How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

Ankle boots and jeans create an effortlessly cool pair. The mid-calf cut of ankle boots flatters most leg shapes and heights. Jeans act as a blank canvas to dress up or down. Together, this duo offers almost endless styling possibilities for casual to dressy looks. Read on to learn professional tips for how to wear ankle boots with jeans, silhouettes, pairing colors, accessorizing, and taking your boot-jeans outfit from day to night seamlessly.

Choosing Flattering Ankle Boot Silhouettes

Ankle boot styles range from slouchy to streamlined. Consider your leg shape and size when selecting ankle boots to match with jeans:

  • Curvy legs – Boots like Chelsea styles with elastic sides create a leaner look. Pointed toes or taller shafts also elongate.
  • Athletic legs – Embrace bulk with wide calf or slouchy boots. Soft rounded toes balance muscularity.
  • Short legs – Low cut booties visually extend legs compared to tall shaft heights. Pointed toes and low heels give illusion of length.
  • Long legs – Any height and shape works! Go tall or low depending on preference.

For petite frames, limit heel height to 1-2 inches maximum. Look for narrow or low-cut boot shafts and pointy toes to suit shorter legs best. Those with long legs have freedom to choose any ankle boot height.

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans: Picking the Perfect Jeans

Jeans range drastically in cut, rise, color, and wash. Which styles complement ankle boots best?

  • Skinny jeans – Tuck cleanly into boots or cuff over top. Elongates legs.
  • Straight leg jeans – Fold under at bottom or allow to cover boot tops. Balanced fit.
  • Flares/bootcuts – Glide over boot shaft without swallowing it. Elongating.
  • Boyfriend jeans – Roll up wide leg openings before wearing with ankle boots to show them off.

Higher rises reaching towards the belly button create cleaner lines and a leggier appearance. Dark washes dress up the look while light washes feel more casual.

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans: Mixing & Matching Colors

Now for the fun part – pairing boots and jeans together!

  • Brown boots – Match with light blue, black, gray, olive, or tan jeans
  • Black boots – Pair with blue, gray, black, white jeans
  • Tan boots- Coordinate with medium blue, navy, gray, white jeans
  • White boots – Pop against black, blue, gray jeans
  • Printed boots – Match jeans to one color in print. Complement wild prints with solid neutral jeans.

Don’t be afraid to venture outside “rules.” Contrasting bright boots with black jeans makes a bold statement. Mixing materials like suede boots with denim adds depth.

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans: Dress Up Your Look with Accessories

Take your ankle boots and jeans to dressier territory by accessorizing with:

  • Silk blouses or wrap tops
  • Leather, jean, or bomber jackets
  • Patterned scarves
  • Jewelry – hoops, pendant necklaces, stacking bracelets
  • Crossbody or clutches instead of totes
  • Cuffed beanie for cooler weather

For a casual daytime vibe, keep it simple with a t-shirt, sweater, or hoodie on top. Save blazers, silk blouses, and statement jewelry for going out.

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans: Transition from Day to Night

With smart swaps and accessories, the ankle boot plus jeans outfit adapts seamlessly from am to pm:

Daytime: T-shirt or sweater, casual button-down, jean jacket Tote bag, sneakers, baseball cap

Evening: Silk cami, blazer, leather jacket Clutch, jewelry, beaded handbag

Other night transitions:

  • Swap out white sneakers for sleek black ankle booties
  • Trade in denim jacket for moto, leather, or draped blazer
  • Wear booties with dark skinny jeans, then change into mini skirt or slacks on top for dinner or drinks

Follow these tips to maximize the versatility of jeans and ankle boots all day and night!

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans FAQS:

  1. What length of jeans works best with ankle boots? Either full length jeans or jeans cropped to end just above the ankle bone look great with ankle boots. Cropped jeans show off more of the boot.
  2. Should skinny jeans be tucked or cuffed with ankle boots? It depends on the look you want! Tucking jeans into boots looks streamlined and chic. Cuffing creates a casual vibe and shows off the boot tops.
  3. Can I wear ankle boots with leggings? Absolutely – ankle boots pair great with leggings for a slim, sleek silhouette. Choose boots in neutral colors that extend higher on the calf to elongate the leg.
  4. What about boot socks or tights? Boot socks or patterned tights tucked into ankle boots add a cute accent. Or wear bare ankles/legs and let the tops of boots do the talking!
  5. Are high heels or wedges okay with ankle boots? Yes, absolutely! Heeled booties dressed up with jeans create a sexy night-out look. Just opt for skinnier jeans to balance the proportions.

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans (Conclusion):

Jeans and ankle boots create the ultimate versatile pairing. Follow the tips above to choose styles tailored to your body shape. Mix and match colors and prints creatively. Then accessorize to take your look from a casual daytime vibe to nightout-ready glam!

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