Step-by-step Guide on How To Do Heart Braids

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Step-by-step Guide on How To Do Heart Braids

Heart braids allow you to infuse romance and whimsy into your hairstyle with their symmetrically interwoven shapes. Mastering how to do heart braids transforms simple plaits into a playful declaration rendered in hair. This comprehensive guide covers all steps for those eager to learn how to do heart braids, from building braiding fundamentals to styling perfectly framed heart designs guaranteed to make passersby swoon.

How To Do Heart Braids

We’ll guide you through proper prep like detangling and sectioning hair all the way to constructively crisscrossing strands to sculpt shapely hearts. Explore the myriad ways to customize heart braids with decorative elastics, ribbons, flowers and more to match the occasion. And discover vital upkeep to preserve intricate plaits all day or night with the right products. These ephemeral works of hair art never fail to delight both the wearer and admirer. So grab a friend, some ties and get ready to bond while unlocking the secrets of crafting Instagram-worthy heart braids!

Rule #1: Gather Supplies for How To Do Heart Braids

Before attempting how to do heart braids, ensure you have the proper supplies on hand:

  • Hair ties – Stock up on small elastics to finish each individual heart braid.
  • Detangling tools – Use clips, combs and brushes for sectioning hair when learning how to do heart braids.
  • Styling products – Edge control gel neatly defines parts but is optional.
  • Accessories – Adorn finished braids with pins, ribbons, flowers etc.
  • Mirrors – View back of head to perfect symmetry with how to do heart braids.
  • Finishing spray – Sets style and boosts longevity.
Rule #2: Prep Hair for How To Do Heart Braids

Proper prep before embarking on how to do heart braids includes:

  • Clarifying hair by washing away dirt, oil and product residue
  • Generously conditioning to prevent dryness and damage when braiding
  • Thoroughly detangling from roots to ends
  • Sectioning hair cleanly from forehead to neck for easier manipulation
  • Isolating the lower back portion to serve as your braiding focus
Rule #3: Master Basic 3-Strand Braiding

If new to braiding, spend time honing the 3-strand technique by practicing normal plaits first. How to do heart braids relies on understanding basic underhand braiding:

  • Divide a subsection into three slim, equal strands
  • Cross the right strand over the middle
  • Cross the left strand over the new middle
  • Continue crisscrossing pieces steadily
  • Check tension is secure but comfortable
  • Finish by tying elastic at braid ends

Practicing fundamentals prepares you for more advanced styles like how to do heart braids.

Rule #4: Sketch Heart Shape Braid Guidelines

When ready for how to do heart braids, first mentally map out heart shapes on your head to guide the intricate braiding.

  • Imagine a small heart sitting within your back hair section
  • Use a finger to trace the overall heart shape including the centralized dip and bilateral curves
  • Visualize this heart outline on your scalp as the roadmap for where to intersect pieces when braiding shortly
Rule #5: Braid Along Traced Heart Shape

With your mental template in place, now braid while precisely following the imagined heart outlines:

  • Take a slim subsection of hair the width of half your heart sketch
  • Separate strands and begin crisscrossing per basic braiding rules
  • Carefully braid along the traced heart shape moving down the upper crest and lateral edges
  • Do not braid any hair outside your heart outline, leaving that hair loose
  • Continue interlacing pieces down past the lower heart curvature

The goal is having the braid mirror the preliminary heart diagram. Gently reshape any uneven edges for symmetry.

Rule #6: Replicate Heart Shaping on Other Side

Important for how to do heart braids is replicating the first heart on the other side:

  • Comb out another identical section of hair on the opposite half of your head
  • Envision a heart shape mirroring the size and placement of your inaugural heart braid
  • Employ precision braiding within trace lines to match the dimensions of the established heart
  • Actively reference the existing heart when braiding the twin heart to instill symmetry

Carefully lining up both braids maintains harmony in how to do heart braids.

Rule #7: Accessorize Hearts for Added Flair

The magic heightens when you accessorize completed 3D heart braids, unleashing creativity:

  • Wrap colorful threads around braids in spirals
  • Outline heart shape edges using glittering metallic cords
  • Affix sparkling beads or crystal jewels at the upper crest
  • Accent with fabric florals placed along lower curves
  • Finish braid ends with satin ribbons streaming down your back
  • Dust braids with luminizing highlighter powder
Rule #8: Adapt Hearts to All Hair Types

Nearly any hair length or texture can achieve customized heart braids:

  • Short hair suits repeated micro hearts near partings using slim subsections
  • Fine hair benefits from narrow, delicate elongated hearts placed in underlayers
  • Thick manes should opt for small closely-spaced hearts to minimize bulging
  • Curly hair must be stretched and detangled first before tracing heart outlines for braiding

Have fun styling special hearts for your unique hair!

Rule #9: Protect Braids for Longevity

Preserve exquisite plaits using smart finishing and maintenance:

  • Set style by misting flexible-hold hairspray to maintain braid integrity
  • Sleep with hair tied in a protective bonnet to prevent friction damage
  • Daily smooth flyaways and fraying edges with anti-frizz serum
  • When washing, gently lather braids with diluted conditioner – avoid direct water pressure
  • Schedule occasional touch-ups with your stylist around Day 5-7 to restore polish
Rule #10: Share and Inspire Beauty

Once mastering how to do heart braids, pay it forward:

  • Post photos online celebrating diverse cultures who originated the style
  • Host fun braiding parties teaching friends step-by-step how to do heart braids
  • Draw portraits of those flaunting their hair art to document tradition
  • Ask elders to share their memorable hair stories to educate future generations

Promote cultural diversity, education and understanding by applauding all efforts to perfect how to do heart braids. Our collective hair journey bonds us when we support one another. That comes straight from the heart!

FAQs about How to Do Heart Braids:

How long does creating multiple head full of hearts braids take?

  • Allow 1-3 hours minimum even for pros to section, trace, braid and refine symmetry of numerous tidy hearts. Beginners need added time and patience.

Why won’t my braids hold their shapely heart form?

  • Insufficient tension while braiding leads to relaxing of plaits over hours. Ensure moderate to tight tension levels when learning how to do heart braids for durable shaping. Also set the style with finishing spray.

Can I give myself head full of hearts braids alone?

  • It’s challenging but possible by utilizing mirrors strategically. However enlist a willing friend to assist and make learning how to do heart braids more enjoyable!

Will constant heart braids break and damage fragile hair?

  • To minimize tension damage on fine, thinning strands, opt for small, loose braids using slim hair subsections with gentle pressure when trying how to do heart braids. Also avoid wearing plaits long-term.

How should I prep flakey scalps before styling sessions?

  • First treat dandruff outbreaks with medicated shampoos containing pyrithione zinc. Oil scalp the night before braiding then shampoo again morning of to remove residue before styling.

We hope this comprehensive tutorial has helped demystify how to do heart braids for hair artistry beginners and experts alike! Remember taking your time sectioning, planning heart shaping braid paths and refining symmetry all prove key for gorgeous results. Embrace the freedom to make each set of interlaced hearts entirely your own through unique accessorizing too. Lastly, do pay proper care to maintain your hairstyle so everyone can admire your handiwork for days on end. Now spread inspiration by sharing your factory of braided love with the world!


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