Sedona Yoga Festival: A Spiritual Journey in the Red Rocks

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Sedona Yoga Festival: A Spiritual Journey in the Red Rocks

The Sedona Yoga Festival is a yearly wellness retreat held amidst Sedona, Arizona’s iconic red rock formations. Since 2004, this 5-day event offers yogis classes, workshops, meditation, and outdoor adventures. Campus accommodations and scenic hiking provide an immersive experience focused on physical and spiritual revitalization. Over 70 world-class presenters lead sessions ranging from yoga flow to Ayurveda, allowing attendees to find their perfect path. With abundant opportunities for practice, connection, and renewal, the Sedona Yoga Festival feeds the soul in a breathtakingly beautiful setting.


Nestled against a backdrop of towering rust-colored sandstone cliffs under boundless blue skies, the small city of Sedona, AZ radiates an energy that rejuvenates mind, body, and spirit. This captivating natural setting provides the perfect stage for the annual Sedona Yoga Festival, an inspirational 5-day wellness retreat.

Since 2004, yogis from across the globe have gathered here each spring to flex their practice and nourish their inner selves through immersive experiences designed to open hearts, expand minds, and invigorate bodies. With accommodations included, attendees are fully immersed in their journey of self-realization during their stay. Over 70 of the world’s top instructors lead sessions in yoga modalities, meditation, Ayurveda, and other holistic practices. Surrounded by Sedona’s healing vortices and beauty, participants forge community while exploring their edge, ultimately returning home renewed from the inside out.

Festival Activities and Highlights:
  • 130+ classes and workshops held in yoga studios and outdoor spaces like hiking trails or vortex sites
  • Varied levels from beginner through advanced, including gentle, vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, and meditation
  • Special sessions like AcroYoga, sound baths, crystal bowl healing, and astrology
  • Wellness expo with nearly 100 vendors of yoga gear, clothing, natural products, and jewelry
  • Plant-based meals and snacks provided along with talks on nutrition
  • Evening events such as concerts, dances, and neighborhood walks
  • Complimentary shuttle service around the vast facility and hiking trails
  • Options for massage, Reiki, aura photography and other holistic therapies
  • Surrounding red rocks provide scenic trails for hiking and bouldering opportunities
  • Attendees stay right on site in comfortable motel-style accommodation with yoga partners
  • Intimate community of like-minded yogis looking to grow and share experiences

The Sedona Yoga Festival is professionally run by organizers who provide excellent customer service for a seamless, enjoyable weekend. With varied programming from dawn to dusk, guests have full days amidst the area’s famous vortex energy hotspots.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Festival:

Q: What is provided with my festival pass? A: Accommodations for 4 nights, 3 meals daily, unlimited yoga and meditation classes, evening events, shuttle service and parking.

Q: What is the typical demographic? A: Primarily women ages 30-60, all yoga levels, mostly from the US but some international travelers.

Q: What is the lodging like? A: Comfortable motel-style rooms with 2 queen beds, basic amenities and yoga roomies. Some private room upgrades available.

Q: How strenuous is the yoga programming? A: All levels available from gentle to advanced. Classes labeled so participants can find their perfect fit.

Q: What is the best way to get to the festival? A: Fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport then take the shuttle offered to the event site.


For nearly 20 years, the Sedona Yoga Festival has brought together inquisitive yogis ready to expand their horizons in the welcoming, mystical red rocks of Sedona. Attendees rave about the community feel, reasonable price inclusive of lodging and meals, and wealth of opportunities for physical/spiritual growth through yoga education, outdoor adventure, and personal discovery. Come enjoy the peak festival experience amidst the unique energy vortexes and majestic scenery that only Sedona offers!


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