Pregnancy Pants 101: A Guide to Picking Your Ideal Pair

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Pregnancy Pants 101: A Guide to Picking Your Ideal Pair

A versatile pregnancy wardrobe starts with quality maternity pants that accommodate your changing shape. Stretchy maternity jeans, leggings, joggers, and dress pants in breathable fabrics allow expectant moms to stay stylish as the trimesters progress. Smart features like over-belly stretch panels, adjustable waistbands, and wide legs provide room to grow and move. Seek soft, non-constricting materials with plenty of give through hips and thighs. Mix and match maternity pants with tunics, dresses and layers for a cute pregnancy look. Investing in a few pairs of sleek maternity pants lets you maintain your sense of self during your journey to motherhood.


Your trusty pre-pregnancy jeans starting feeling snug weeks ago. But shopping for maternity clothes still seems premature. Eventually that waistband digs in too much, signaling it’s time for pants with more belly breathing room. Pregnancy not only changes your shape but also increases sensitivity to textures and compression. The good news is maternity pants now come in stretchy, stylish options that keep expectant moms looking chic and feeling comfortable. By understanding what makes the best pregnancy pants, you can stock up on pieces to complement your changing curves. Read on for what styles to seek and smart tips for building a functional pregnancy pants wardrobe.

Signature Features of Great Pregnancy Pants:
  • Stretchy side waistband panels accommodate expanding waistlines
  • Soft, flexible belly fabric that moves with you
  • Comfortable elastic, adjustable drawstring, or no waist closure
  • Non-constricting legs with added room through hips and thighs
  • Breathable, light compression material to reduce swelling
  • Moisture-wicking technology prevents overheating
  • Easy on/off when bathroom breaks can’t wait
  • Stylish washes, colors and detailing like ankle zips and cargo pockets
  • Reinforced seams and stitching withstand stretch and wear

The most comfortable pregnancy pants balance a tailored fit with lots of flexible give.

Top Maternity Pant Styles and Silhouettes:
  • Over-belly jeans – Most versatile denim option adjusted with hair tie trick
  • Under-belly jeans – Smooth look but can dig in for long wear
  • Maternity leggings – Essential for layering and active days
  • Joggers – Drawstring waistband and stretchy fabric provide ease
  • Harem/draped pants – Flowy with built-in belly pouch
  • Skinny pregnancy pants – Flattering but snugger through legs
  • Cargo/utility pants – Relaxed fit and abundant storage
  • Dress pants – Professional looks in stretch fabrics

Try a few staple styles in black, blue, gray and patterned.

Fitting and Sizing Considerations:
  • Order usual pre-pregnancy size in maternity brands based on hip measurement
  • Size up for maximum comfort if between sizes
  • Maternity bands stretch many inches so don’t size up excessively
  • Try several rises to determine high, mid or low waist preferences
  • Length should reach ankles without bunching
  • Belly panel should cover top of bump without hanging over
  • Pay attention to reviewed sizing quirks for each brand
  • Order early in pregnancy for maximum wearability

Well-fitting pregnancy pants provide support without painful compression.

Mixing and Matching Pregnancy Pants:

The key to a versatile pregnancy wardrobe is combining pregnancy pants with non-maternity pieces:

  • Pair stretchy leggings with oversized sweaters and tunics
  • Balance voluminous harem pants with tighter maternity tops
  • Layer pants under maternity dresses for cold weather
  • Dress up denim with blazers and heels
  • Let longer wide-leg pants flow over ankle boots
  • Cuff jeans or joggers to show ankle with flats
  • Use longer shirts to disguise unbuttoned pants

With diverse maternity pants options, create fresh looks for the office, weekends and everything in between.

Caring for Maternity Pants:

  • Wash gently and air or line dry to prevent damage from heat
  • Avoid overly stretching out elastic when putting on
  • Check inside seams and wash liner fabric regularly
  • Spot clean problem areas instead of frequent washing
  • Use fabric shaver to remove inevitable pills and fuzz
  • Steam wrinkled pants instead of ironing
  • Take advantage of maternity clothes rental subscription services
  • Consign quality pieces once size is outgrown

Properly caring for maternity wear ensures maximum longevity and savings.

Maternity Pants FAQs:

Q: When should I buy maternity pants? A: Around 10-12 weeks when your pre-pregnancy denim feels too snug.

Q: Are under or over belly jeans more comfortable? A: It’s a personal preference. Over-belly allow more room but under can provide smoother look.

Q: How many pairs of maternity pants do I need? A: Around 5 pairs in essential styles like jeans, leggings, and dress pants.

Q: Should maternity pants fit tight or loose? A: Snug but not digging in. Focus on belly comfort over slimming effect.

Q: Can you wear maternity pants postpartum? A: High-waisted over-belly styles easily transition for wearing after birth.


A versatile pregnancy wardrobe starts with quality maternity pants designed for bump-friendly flexibility and comfort. Seek super-stretchy fabrics, adjustable waistbands, and a flattering silhouette. Mixing stylish maternity pants with tunics and layers keeps moms-to-be looking on trend during the amazing transformation of pregnancy. Find your perfect fit and you’re set for effortless dressing bump to baby!


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