Next Crypto Bull Run: How to Build a Resilient Portfolio

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Next Crypto Bull Run: How to Build a Resilient Portfolio

Crypto investors eagerly anticipate the Next Crypto Bull Run after a crushing bear market in 2023. History tells us the Next Crypto Bull Run is very likely, though the exact timing remains unpredictable. Now presents an opportunity to research projects and construct resilient portfolios ready to optimize returns during the Next Crypto Bull Run. Properly preparing your portfolio during the bear market allows full participation when the Next Crypto Bull Run inevitably returns. This article explores strategies to harness the Next Crypto Bull Run’s upside while minimizing risk.

Next Crypto Bull Run

Choosing Assets & Researching Projects

As hype escalates during the Next Crypto Bull Run, adhering to sound selection criteria cuts through speculative noise. Assets and networks offering real-world utility present long-term holds likely to weather the Next Crypto Bull Run’s inherent volatility.

Review issues each crypto project aims to solve and whether proposed solutions reflect substantive innovation or hype-fueled speculation in light of the Next Crypto Bull Run. Analyze competence of the team, degree of decentralization and security, supply dynamics and execution history through prior cycles to gauge viability for the Next Crypto Bull Run.

Evidence of active community engagement signifies durable conviction able to transcend the Next Crypto Bull Run’s booms and busts. Continuous development activity and signs of increasing utility adoption also hint at sustainability when the Next Crypto Bull Run inevitably unwinds

Follow these tips when researching additions to your portfolio:

Verify Credible Teams: Vet projects’ leaders, developers, advisors etc. to gauge competence and commitment. Impressive credentials and community engagement reveal dedication.

Assess Token Use-Cases: Analyze proposed or actively deployed token use-cases and real-world solutions to measure tangible value offerings beyond speculation that support healthy price floors even during bearish contractions.

Examine Market Conditions: Evaluate crypto market cycles, investor sentiment and technical indicators to determine asset entry points resistant to further downside relative to upside opportunity.

Diversify Across Sectors: Construct varied exposure across various crypto sectors like DeFi, DAOs, dapps, infrastructure, interoperability, storage etc. to mitigate sector-specific volatility risks.

By proactively researching and distinguishing viable crypto assets from thousands of potentially worthless imposters, investors give their portfolio the best chance at identifying and holding projects likely to emerge as winners over multi-year time horizons – regardless of interim turbulence.

Allocating Capital & Managing Risk

Establishing clear portfolio allocation guardrails supports judicious decision-making amidst the Next Crypto Bull Run’s euphoria. Set target allocation limits per asset prior to the Next Crypto Bull Run’s take-off and rebalance holdings through taking profits on inflated positions to maintain balance. This safeguards against overexposure during the Next Crypto Bull Run’s fierce volatility.

According to academic guidance for strategically investing during the Next Crypto Bull Run: Consider the following guidelines:

Tier 1 (60-80% of Capital) – This broad base comprises mature, “blue chip” large market-cap cryptos boasting extensive mainstream traction with greater likelihood of sustaining future relevance. Examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and other precedented category leaders.

Tier 2 (20%-30% of Capital) – The middle tranche holds promising mid and small-cap assets with attractive growth prospects supported by use-cases and teams positioned to potentially unseat legacy chains someday. Avalanche, Polygon and Cosmos represent possible emerging challengers.

Tier 3 (5%-10% Capital) – This high-risk/high-reward tier holds low market-cap gems in earliest developmental phases expected to either flame out or provide massive upside. Only risk what you can afford to completely lose while awaiting 10000X potential gains. Early stage Layer 1s or dApp platforms carry such upside risk profiles.

Stablecoins (5-10% of Capital) – Holding some value in stablecoins like USDC or DAI provides dry powder to rapidly buy major dips without converting external fiat so you don’t miss price bottom opportunities.

Distributing capital across tiers by concrete risk parameters prevents compulsion toward reckless asset speculation while allowing measured exposure to cryptos bearing greatest profit potential in the coming years.

Hedging Against Downswings

Hedging mitigates losses when the Next Crypto Bull Run inevitably turns. Derivatives like put option contracts insure against crashing prices while stablecoins preserve purchasing power rotatable back into crypto at bottoms. Diversifying across assets negatively correlated with crypto also smooths volatility through the Next Crypto Bull Run’s ups and downs. Employ these proactive risk management techniques:

Dollar-Cost Averaging Make recurring buys at regular intervals over extended timeframes to reduce volatility exposure stemming from lump-sum entries at single price points.

Laddering Stablecoin Entries Place cascading limit buy orders at incrementally lower prices to automatically accumulate assets during capitulatory selloffs while prices descend.

Trailing Stop Losses On held positions, place sell orders triggered upon violation of trailing thresholds below current prices as they rise to lock gains in the event of abrupt reversals.

Protective Puts
Purchase out-of-the-money PUT options allowing you to sell assets at guaranteed floors to hedge against crashing prices due to black swan events outside regular volatility patterns.

By integrating these smart safeguards, portfolios endure times of abnormal downward volatility, preventing buyers remorse and allowing investors to weather interim storms on the path to unprecedented future valuations once the bulls return.

Top 10 Bull Run Portfolio Asset Ideas

Based on aforementioned analysis criteria and risk management practices, current leading crypto asset candidates for withstanding bear phases while offering attractive risk-adjusted profit prospects when the next crypto bull run returns include:

Bitcoin – Still the crypto markets undisputed #1 currency and benchmark storing value during up and down cycles alike due to strictly limited supply and widespread institutional adoption.

Ethereum – The de-facto leading smart contract blockchain enabling much of crypto’s functionality from dApps to DeFi and NFTs until the coming Eth2 consolidation.

Binance Coin – One of the largest market cap coins with a thriving Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and real-world utility for trading on the #1 Binance crypto exchange.

Chainlink– Provides a critical middleware oracle network delivering reliable Web 3.0 data sourcing critical to crypto infrastructure integrity as adoption expands exponentially in coming years.

Avalanche – Promising “Ethereum killer” smart contract platform boasting blazing transaction speeds capable of unseating Ethereum through superior tech and developer experience.

Polygon – Leading Ethereum scaling solution allowing fast, low-cost transactions on Ethereum compatible chains to enable global decentralized applications uptake.

Cosmos – The “internet of blockchains” allows assets transferability between multiple sovereign chains to enable seamless decentralized finance functionality across networks.

THORChain – Decentralized liquidity network enabling reliable trading between assets across disparate blockchains will prove essential routing trillions of trades.

Maker – Issues overcollateralized stablecoin DAI maintaining buying power during downturns to provide crypto’s main decentralized fiat alternative protecting portfolios from devaluation.

Yearn Finance – Leading decentralized robo-advisor directing assets into highest yield DeFi opportunities in a bear market while consolidating liquidity for user-friendly wealth generation.

The assets above represent base blockchain building blocks with roadmaps and talented development teams making their staying power over multi-year timeframes highly likely – making them prime targets for accumulation during the ongoing downturn ahead of potentially historic price appreciation in the next manic bull market frenzy.


Crypto portfolio construction requires nuanced strategy transcending simply stockpiling the biggest hype coins from last cycle’s peak. By harnessing rigorous evaluation of long-term viability alongside tiered allocation frameworks and proactive risk management, investors bolster resilience against even crypto’s steepest bear declines while keeping portfolios poised to capture disproportionate gains when the next epic bull run inevitably ignites.

Those dedicating the upfront diligence toward researching quality projects and implementing prudent asset management protocols stand ready to weather interim storms on the path to generational wealth creation as crypto mass adoption swells to billions of users over forthcoming years. Just remain disciplined amidst the chaos, and before long your sage preparations will pay off handsomely!


How many coins should a crypto portfolio have?

Most experts suggest having between 5-15 coins diversifies risk while allowing consolidated positions sizable enough to return life changing wealth from top performers.

What is the best crypto portfolio tracker?

Leading multi-exchange portfolio trackers include CoinStats, CoinGecko and BlockFolio which connect exchange accounts to easily track consolidated asset performance.

How often should you rebalance a crypto portfolio?

Portfolios should rebalance every 2 to 6 months. As certain assets appreciate faster than others, trimming positions returning disproportionately preserves target allocations.

What percentage of portfolio should be crypto?

Given crypto’s higher volatility, most advisors suggest limiting exposure to less than 5% of total capital while accumulating during bear markets. Up to 30% suits more aggressive risk-tolerant traders.

Should I choose proof-of-work or proof-of-stake protocol cryptos?

A blended portfolio holds assets spanning both consensus models to garner upside from leading protocols as blockchain evolution unfolds toward proof-of-stake domination over the long term.


Crypto portfolio construction melds principles of value investing, risk management and software platform analysis to buffer market volatility while optimizing asymmetric return potential as adoption expands globally. But individuals must take direct ownership over asset selection and allocation based on personalized goals and risk tolerance.

While the assets detailed above serve as “blueprints” for enduring market turbulence, no single best portfolio exists. As long as you remain discerning when researching projects, discipline when entering positions, and diligent about managing risk, your custom crypto portfolio stands primed to create immense wealth during the next epic bull run!


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