Lovebirds in Wood: The Symbolism of Korean Wedding Ducks

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Lovebirds in Wood: The Symbolism of Korean Wedding Ducks

Korean weddings are vibrant affairs, steeped in tradition and rich symbolism. Among the many customs and rituals that define these joyous celebrations, the presence of wedding ducks holds a special place. These symbolic wooden ducks, intricately carved and beautifully adorned, represent harmony and fidelity. In this article, we’ll delve into the captivating world of Korean wedding ducks, exploring their origins, symbolism, significance, and the cultural touch they add to the nuptial ceremonies.

Origins and Historical Significance:

The tradition of using wooden ducks in Korean weddings has a history that stretches back centuries. These ducks, known as “Eoduks,” have been cherished symbols of love and commitment. They are believed to have originated from the practice of gifting ducks to the groom as part of a dowry, symbolizing his promise to provide for the bride and their future family. Over time, the ducks took on a more decorative role in the wedding ceremony.

Symbolism and Significance:

The Korean wedding ducks symbolize fidelity, love, and the harmonious journey of marriage. They are often displayed together, with the male duck holding a symbolic red flower in its beak, representing the groom, while the female duck cradles a baby duck in her embrace, symbolizing the bride. The red flower signifies the blooming love between the couple, and the baby duck symbolizes the hope for a prosperous and happy family.

The presence of these ducks serves as a reminder to the newlyweds of their commitment to nurturing and protecting their love, like the duck pair protecting their offspring.

Role in Wedding Ceremonies:

Korean wedding ducks are featured in various parts of the wedding ceremony. In the “Pyebaek” or traditional ceremony, the bride and groom offer a symbolic bow to the wooden ducks as a sign of respect and gratitude to their parents. The ducks often find a place in the bride’s trousseau and are later displayed in the couple’s home as a decorative symbol of their union.

Continued Relevance in Modern Weddings:

Korean wedding ducks continue to be a part of contemporary weddings in South Korea. Many couples choose to incorporate traditional elements alongside modern practices, preserving the rich cultural heritage associated with these symbolic ducks.

FAQs About Korean Wedding Ducks:

  1. What materials are Korean wedding ducks made from?
    Traditional Korean wedding ducks are made from wood and are often hand-carved with intricate designs.
  2. Do the wedding ducks have specific gender roles?
    Answer: Yes, the male duck typically carries a red flower, while the female holds a baby duck, symbolizing the groom and bride, respectively.
  3. Are Korean wedding ducks part of modern weddings?
    Answer: Yes, they continue to be part of contemporary Korean weddings, where couples incorporate traditional elements alongside modern practices.
  4. How can one purchase Korean wedding ducks?
    Answer: Korean wedding ducks can be found in traditional markets, craft shops, and online stores specializing in Korean wedding accessories.
  5. What is the significance of the color red in the wedding ducks’ design?
    Answer: Red is a symbol of love, passion, and prosperity in Korean culture. The red flower in the male duck’s beak represents blooming love.


Korean wedding ducks, with their deep symbolism of fidelity, harmony, and the promise of a prosperous family, grace the nuptial ceremonies of South Korea. Rooted in centuries of tradition, these wooden ducks represent the enduring love and commitment between the bride and groom. Their presence in modern weddings seamlessly connects tradition and modernity, adding a touch of culture and symbolism to the joyous celebration.


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