Tying the Perfect Knot: How to Wear Hermes Scarf with Flair

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Tying the Perfect Knot: How to Wear Hermes Scarf with Flair

With their iconic equestrian motifs and lush silk twill, Hermès scarves are timeless wardrobe staples. Beyond their obvious neck-wrapping abilities, these squares can be styled into hair accessories, bags, bracelets, and much more. Read on for creative ways how to wear Hermes Scarf that go beyond the basic tie and answer frequently asked questions.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Tie at the Neck:
Hermes Scarf with Flair

This classic style flatters all face shapes. Drape the scarf around your neck, then knot or tie once or twice in front. Leave ends loose or tucked in neatly.

  • Paris knot – Elegant double knots framed together
  • Ascot – Crisp tie flair tucked into shirt
  • Cowgirl – Playful neckerchief knot
  • Bow tie – Cute tied directly at the neck
  • Wraparound – Effortlessly casual

Match knot size and placement to the neckline.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Twist in Hair:

Twist your Hermès scarf into a flourish in your hair:

  • Bandana – Fold triangle to tie ends at the nape of the neck
  • Headband – Roll lengthwise and tie around the forehead
  • Scrunchie – Knot or sew ends together
  • Top knot tie – finishing touch circled around a bun
  • Hair tie – Wrap ends around ponytail or braid

Super sleek and functional!

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Tie On a Handbag:

Add a pop of color and texture by tying one onto your handbag.

  • Drawstring bag – Thread through grommets and tie
  • Handle wrap – Drape around top handles
  • Luggage – Affix to carry-on or large tote
  • Belt bag – Attach to strap for flair
  • Picnic basket – Use to secure the latch

This punchy accent elevates any bag.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Make a Bracelet:

Turn your scarf into a chic DIY bracelet:

  • Knot – Tie ends together
  • Wrap – Circle wrist multiple times
  • Braid – Twist length into a 3-strand braid
  • Bow – Tie ends into a floppy bow

Layer with other bracelets for bright contrast.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Carry as a Clutch:

Bundle your square into a stylish hand-held clutch:

  • Fold into triangles
  • Roll or tie to compress
  • Wrap handles with ends
  • Secure with clip or knot

So quick and easy for day or evening!

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Around the Waist:

Cinch your scarf around your waist as a belt or sarong:

  • Knot at hip – Casual Paris knot
  • Sarong – Tie overdress or swimsuit
  • Belt – Thread through pant loops
  • Sash – Cross-over blouse and tie
  • Draped – Loosely wrap and tie

Ideal for accentuating flowy silhouettes.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf On Your Hat:

Affix to hats for a refined accent:

  • Floppies – Tie under the brim
  • Sun hats – Knot under the crown
  • Baseball caps – Attach to the back strap
  • Fedoras – Twist as hatband

Protects your face while displaying the scarf.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf As a Camera Strap:
Upcycle into a camera strap or guitar strap using clasps and rings. Sturdy silk twill supports weight easily.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Incorporate into Outfits:
Use scarves to tie dresses, skirts, shirts, or jackets. Create DIY tops by knotting and tucking strategically.

How to Wear Hermes Scarf Endless Possibilities:
However you choose to wear it, a Hermès scarf adds that signature je ne sais quoi. With so many styling methods, you’ll never tire of these luxurious silk squares.


  • Classic neck ties like Paris knot or ascot
  • Hair flair like headbands, scrunchies, or hair ties
  • Handbag accent wrapped on handles or as a drawstring
  • Bracelet by knotting or twisting around the wrist
  • Clutch when bundled and carried in hand
  • Sash or belt around waist or hips
  • Hat embellishment tied under brim or crown
  • Camera strap using clasps and rings
  • Incorporated into outfit details

Hermès scarves are extremely versatile wardrobe essentials with their signature silks and colors lending flair however you choose to style them.


What are the best knots for beginners?
Answer: The Paris knot and ascot tie are two easy go-to knots to start with. Wrap casually as a neckerchief before advancing to elaborate ties.

How do you keep it from slipping?
Answer: Tie tightly, tuck ends into a knot securely, or use a scarf ring or pin to keep it weighted and firmly in place.

What outfits pair well with Hermès scarves?
Answer: The saturated colors and patterns pair beautifully with neutral solids and basics like jeans, tee shirts, LBDs, tan trench coats, or navy blazers.

Can you wash Hermès scarves?
Answer: Yes, wash gently by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. Roll in a towel and iron while still damp on low heat. Air dry flat away from direct sunlight.

How do you store them?
Answer: Roll rather than fold scarves to prevent creasing. Store in drawers or boxes away from direct light and heat to prevent fading.

Hermès scarves are treasured investments that gracefully elevate any look. Whether worn traditionally or styled inventively, their lush silk and iconic equestrian flair shine through.


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