How to Wear a Fascinator on your Outfit in 4 Correct Ways

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How to Wear a Fascinator on Your Outfit in 4 Correct Ways

A fascinator is a decorative women’s headpiece anchored by clips or combs. These fun hair accessories add flair to special occasion outfits. While fascinators attract attention, wear them thoughtfully by choosing styles suited to your look and hair. This guide’ll explore four correct ways to wear a fascinator, ensuring you exude grace and style.

Follow these guidelines to incorporate how to wear a fascinator into your attire in a polished way.

1. Anchor Properly in Hair

Fascinators should attach securely to prevent slipping. Styles feature:

  • Headband clip – Grips hair firmly for versatile placement
  • Comb or teeth – Glides and holds in hair discreetly
  • Pin or brooch – Affixes to hair if headband loosens
  • Elastic band – Provides snug fit around the head

Position over the thickest hair, pressing combs deep for anchoring. Add bobby pins if needed for a stable hold. Placement depends on design.

2. Coordinate With Your Outfit

A fascinator serves as an accent, not the main event. Select colors and textures that integrate into your full look:

  • Monochromatic – Match fascinator color to dress hue
  • Complementary colors – Contrasting or rich accent shades
  • Textural mix – Velvet fascinator on satin dress, for example
  • Tonal – Different shades of similar color family

A cohesive coordinated outfit lets the fascinator embellish, not overwhelm.

3. Balance Height and Volume

Consider your hair height and volume when selecting a fascinator:

  • Tall hair – Opt for slimmer fascinators that won’t compete with full hairstyles.
  • Short hair – Bolder, fuller fascinators better balance small hair.
  • Fine hair – Larger fascinators add volume. Avoid fragile feathers dragging hair down.
  • Thick hair – Minimal dainty styles integrate without bulk.

Scale fascinator size to complement your hair for ideal proportions.

4. Mind Placement and Angle

Fascinator placement fine-tunes the look:

  • Front – Draws attention to face framed flatteringly
  • Side – Creates an asymmetrical, modern vibe
  • Back – Emphasizes a low bun or updo
  • Tilted – Conveys a fun, flirty angle

Experiment with angles to find your best look. Adjust bobby pins to redirect as needed.

How to Wear a Fascinator: Do’s and Don’ts

How to Wear a Fascinator DO’s:

  • Choose colors that harmonize with your outfit
  • Position securely and support with pins/combs
  • Scale size appropriately for hair length and volume
  • Angle fascinator to flatter and balance face shape
  • Style hair neatly so the fascinator takes center stage

How to Wear a Fascinator: DON’TS:

  • Wear a fascinator too far back on the head
  • Select a style that swallows up petite hair
  • Allow combs or pins to slip and dangle
  • Focus too much on the fascinator, forgetting the outfit
  • Wear a fascinator on windy days when outdoors

With a properly styled fascinator integrated thoughtfully into your look, you’re sure to draw admiration for putting together a polished, glamorous ensemble.

In summary:

  • Anchor fascinator securely in hair using combs, clips, and bobby pins as needed
  • Mind color, texture, and size to complement your outfit
  • Balance fascinator volume with your hair length and volume
  • Adjust placement and angle for the most flattering, stable effect
  • Check stability and make adjustments to prevent slipping

Following these guidelines allows you to wear a fascinator with confidence, complementing your outfit for showstopping style.

FAQS About How to Wear a Fascinator :

How popular are fascinators?
Answer: Very popular for races, weddings, teas, and formal day events. Less common at night events. Often required at royal formal occasions.

What face shapes work best?
Answer: Fascinators flatter oval, round, and heart faces best. Avoid styles that overwhelm narrow face shapes. Focus on flattering angles.

When did fascinators originate?
Answer: Fascinators became popular in the late 18th century and had a revival in the late 20th century inspired by royal weddings. They convey timeless sophistication.

Are fascinators still fashionable?
Answer: Absolutely. Many modern styles with whimsical details or minimalist shapes keep fascinators fresh and on-trend. They remain staples for formal attire.

What age groups wear fascinators?
Answer: Primarily worn by women 30 and above, teen girls and younger wear youthful styles for homecomings, proms, and special events.

Worn correctly, fascinators lend any outfit a touch of panache perfect for formal daytime affairs. With the right styling, placement, and stability, these decorative hairpieces take an elegant look over the top.

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