How to Style Wide Leg Jeans Like a Fashion Pro

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How to Style Wide-Leg Jeans Like a Fashion Pro

Wide-leg jeans are back in style, with their relaxed silhouette and retro vibe. But pairing them can seem tricky. What shoes work with wide legs? What tops are most flattering? Read on for fail-safe ways to style wide-leg jeans for casual chic allure.

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans: Choose Fitted Tops
How to Style Wide Leg Jeans Like a Fashion Pro

Balance the volume of wide legs with slimmer fitted tops. Form-fitting options like:

  • Crop tops – Expose just a peek of the midriff to elongate legs.
  • Bodysuits – Smoothing without clinging for a polished effect.
  • Camisoles – Feminine silk or lace versions work perfectly.
  • Turtlenecks – Lean lines provide contrast against billowy pants.

Avoid boxy tops or anything too oversized up top so as not to overwhelm the outfit. Go sleek on top with wide legs.

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans: Tuck in Your Tops

Tucking in fitted tops keeps the silhouette trim and streamlined. This also showcases the waist while accentuating the legs.

  • Front tuck only for slight definition
  • Full tuck for a retro 70s vibe
  • Half tuck for asymmetry
  • Tie a knot for fun flair

Tuck in tees, tanks, blouses, or sweaters. Play with proportions.

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans: Accessorize Your Waist

Defining the waist visibly breaks up the outfit. Cinch wide legs via:

  • Belts – Thin or wide, leather or woven
  • Sashes – Silky & feminine
  • Body chains – Edgy glam layering

Dangling scarves, wrap ties, or cropped jackets also create waist emphasis.

How to Style Wide-Leg Jeans: Pick the Right Shoes

Footwear completes the wide-leg look:

  • Heels – Go for block or wedge heels to elongate
  • Boots – Ankle or knee-high pairs add texture
  • Flats – Pointy toes keep it polished
  • Platforms – Give you height without stilt-like heels

Avoid short or clunky styles that cut vertical lines short. Delicate shoes keep things balanced.

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans: Layer Strategically

Outer layers refine proportions with wide-leg jeans:

  • Dusters and kimonos – Lightweight linen or silk
  • Blazers – Structured or slouchy styles
  • Trench coats – Iconic with a belt clinched
  • Sweaters – Cozy oversized knits

Drapey open layers maintain a streamlined shape. Avoid bulky coats.

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans: Pick Stretch Denim

Look for jeans with 2% spandex or elastane blended into the cotton. This stretchy denim moves with your body rather than falling shapeless. The flexibility also creates a slimming effect. Dark indigo shades are universally flattering.

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans: Consider Crop Lengths

Cropped wide legs ending above the ankle are easier to balance than full length. Go for cropped jeans with:

  • Ankles showing to display shoes
  • Hem hitting mid-calf for a ’70s vibe
  • A cuff for versatility to adjust length

Cropping wide legs makes styling simpler for petites. But tall girls can still rock full length.

In Summary:

  1. Choose fitted camis, bodysuits, and tucked-in tops.
  2. Cinch the waist with belts, sashes, or chains.
  3. Wear block-heeled or platform shoes to elongate the legs.
  4. Layer lightly with dusters, blazers, or sweaters.
  5. Seek stretchy denim for a slimming effect.
  6. Crop jeans above the ankle if you’re petite.

With strategic pairings, wide-leg jeans can be incredibly chic. Just focus on balance and proportion using fitted slim tops, waist-defining accessories, and leg-lengthening shoes. Work those billowing retro jeans in style!

How to Style Wide Leg Jeans FAQS:

What body types do wide legs suit?
Answer: Wide legs flatter many figures by balancing proportions. They especially suit ruler, pear, and inverted triangle body shapes. Go easy on volume up top.

Are pumps ok or too dressy?
Answer: Classic pumps work for dressier occasions. For casual looks, block heels or wedges prevent a dressy vibe. Save stilettos for nights out.

Can petites wear full-length wide legs?
Answer: It can overwhelm petite frames. Opt for cropped lengths hitting mid-calf or above the ankle instead. Use heels and vertical patterns to create the illusion of height.

What about jewelry?
Answer: Delicate jewelry like lariat necklaces, hoops, and layered bracelets pair well without competing. Avoid chunky statement pieces.

Are wide legs only for warm weather?
Answer: Wide-leg jeans work year-round. Pair with turtlenecks, booties, and sweaters in colder months. Cuff jeans to avoid bunching.

In summary, wide-leg jeans offer an effortlessly cool look when paired strategically. Keep silhouettes balanced with fitted slim tops and leg-lengthening shoes. Work those retro jeans confidently by playing with proportions and polish.

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