How to Style Combat Boots: Fashion Forward and Fearless

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How to Style Combat Boots: Fashion Forward and Fearless


Combat boots have evolved from their military origins into a mainstream fashion staple. Their edgy, utilitarian appeal makes them versatile footwear you can dress up or down. However, combat boots work best when styled appropriately for the outfit and occasion. This article will provide tips on how to style combat boots for casual daywear, dates, work attire, and going out.

How to Style Combat Boots Summary of Styling Recommendations:

  • Stick to dark, neutral colors like black, brown, olive green, or tan combat boots for flexibility.
  • For casual looks, wear with jeans, leggings, joggers, or shorts.
  • Balance edginess with feminine pieces like dresses or skirts.
  • Incorporate texture pairings like flannels, ponchos, and knits.
  • Use a thickness of boots to balance slimmer items on top for proportion.
  • Add definition to oversized pieces by tucking them into boots.
  • Dress-up outfits with leather jackets, faux fur accents, and moto details.
  • Avoid style clashing by keeping silhouettes and colors cohesive. With thoughtful styling choices, combat boots can elevate a wide range of everyday looks.

How to Style Combat Boots Casual Daywear For daytime casual ensembles:

  • Jeans or jeggings tucked into boots balance proportions and show off boot shafts.
  • Leggings paired with an oversized sweater or hoodie exude a model off-duty vibe.
  • Textured tights with a tunic sweater and coat create an eclectic look.
  • Corduroys, joggers, or leggings with an inviting oversized flannel shirt give a laidback edge.
  • Go for muted, earthy tones on top like olive, gray, tan, and brown to harmonize with neutral boots.
    Add interest by cuffing bottom hems and choosing varied fabrics.

How to Style Combat Boots Date Night Style Amp up allure for an evening out while wearing combat boots by:

  • Pairing faux leather leggings with a silky cami and moto jacket. Finish with edgy jewelry.
  • Choosing a feminine dress in lace, satin, or chiffon, then offsetting the softness with rugged boots.
  • Wear a sleek bodysuit with faux leather pants or a pencil skirt and heels.
  • Adding romantic blousy tops with ruffles or puffed sleeves to balance masculine boots.
  • Incorporating metallic or sparkly accents on accessories for touches of glam.

Workwear For professional environments, integrate combat boots by:

  • Combining slim-cut trousers that skim the ankle with a blazer and button-up.
  • Pairing cropped jeans or chinos with an oversized blouse or sweater left untucked for a creative vibe.
  • Choosing a knee-length A-line dress with fine knit tights and a smart coat.
  • Make sure sole edges are clean, polished looking and heels aren’t overly chunky.
  • Sticking to all-black or brown monochromatic outfits for a streamlined look.

How to Style Combat Boots Night Out Attire For evening events and going out, style combat boots by:

  • Adding edgy ripped black jeans and a cropped tank or bralette layered under a blazer.
  • Pairing a body-skimming slip dress with a moto jacket and tights for contrast.
  • Wearing straight-leg leather pants with a graphic muscle tee and bomber jacket.
  • Adding thigh-high socks and undershorts with an oversized flannel for a casual vibe.
  • Incorporating metallic fabrics or sequin accents to dresses to glitz up dark boots.

How to Style Combat Boots FAQs:

1. What shoes go best with combat boots?
Answer: Heels, booties, or sleek sneakers balance the chunky ruggedness of combat boots. Avoid wearing clunky or overly sporty shoes.

2. What should you not wear with combat boots?
Answer: Avoid pieces like dainty sundresses, frilly blouses, and pastel colors that clash with the bold utilitarian vibe of combat boots.

3. Are combat boots only for fall/winter?
Answer: Combat boots work for spring and summer too! Just style them with lighter pieces like denim shorts, breezy dresses, and cropped flare pants.

4. Can I wear combat boots to work?
Answer: Yes, for casual workplaces, style combat boots with tailored trousers, a cropped blazer, and a simple turtleneck for a smart edgy look. Polish boots and avoid oversized clunky styles.

5. Are combat boots still in style?
Answer: The classic combat boot remains a staple fashion item that has evolved through decades. Styled appropriately, they compliment both casual everyday looks and dressy outfits.

How to Style Combat Boots Conclusion:

Combat boots offer versatile styling potential across seasons for day and night when incorporated thoughtfully. Use neutral-colored lace-up combat boots as foundational pieces paired with casual essentials like jeans or leggings for everyday wear. Or make them date and work appropriately with feminine silhouettes and polished accents. With the right combos, combat boots elevate any outfit.

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