How to Open Native Body Wash Pump: A Quick and Easy Guide

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How to Open Native Body Wash Pump: A Quick and Easy Guide

Native body wash is packaged in a distinctive pump bottle that dispenses just the right amount of sudsy, sulfate-free cleanser. However, getting into the bottle for the first time or to refill it can be tricky. The unique locking pump mechanism takes a few steps to open up fully. With the right technique and tools, you can easily fill up your Native pump bottle to keep enjoying your favorite scents. This article will explore How to Open a Native Body Wash Pump, what you’ll need, instructions, tips, and answer frequently asked questions.

How to Open Native Body Wash Pump What You’ll Need:

How to Open Native Body Wash Pump

  • Native body wash pump bottle
  • Coin or flathead screwdriver
  • Funnel
  • Liquid body wash or soap refill

How to Open Native Body Wash Pump Instructions:

  1. Locate the Unlock Arrows Turn the Native bottle upside down to view the bottom. You’ll see two small unlock arrows in a downwards-pointing position.
  2. Press and Hold Arrows Use your thumbs or fingers to press and hold down both unlock arrows at the same time. Apply steady downward pressure on the arrows for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Turn Cap Counter-Clockwise
    With arrows depressed, use your other hand to twist the cap counter-clockwise to unscrew. Twisting the cap while holding the arrows disengages the locking mechanism.
  4. Lift Off Cap Once the cap is fully unscrewed, lift off the cap and pump section together. This exposes the opening of the bottle.
  5. Remove Pump Mechanism
    The inner pump/sprayer should lift out easily, revealing the full opening. Set aside the cap and pump section.
  6. Refill Bottle Hold the opened bottle over a sink and pour in your preferred sulfate-free body wash or soap. Leave at least 1 inch of space at the top. Wipe up any spills.
  7. Replace Pump Mechanism
    Insert the pump sprayer back into the open bottleneck until it clicks securely into place.
  8. Screw Cap Back On
    Align the cap and pump onto the bottle threads. Twist clockwise while ensuring the pump stays in place to tighten.
  9. Lock Arrows
    Once the cap is fully tightened, turn the bottle upright. Use your thumbs to push the unlock arrows into the upward locked position.

How to Open Native Body Wash Pump Tips for an Easy Refill

  • Use a funnel to prevent spills when pouring body wash into the narrow opening.
  • Fill the bottle over a sink in case of drips or spills.
  • Avoid overfilling – leave 1 inch of space at the top for the pump to work properly.
  • Make sure the pump clicks into place securely before tightening the cap.

Troubleshooting Issues:

  • If the pump isn’t dispensing, remove and re-insert it firmly until it clicks.
  • If unlock arrows are stuck, use a coin or flathead screwdriver to gently pry them up.
  • If the pump leaks, check for cracks and replace if needed. Ensure the cap is tightened all the way.

Advantages of Native Pumps Native’s unique pump bottles have several benefits:

  • Controls dosage for less waste
  • The locking mechanism prevents leaks in transit
  • Easier to dispense cleanser versus flip caps
  • Sleek, minimalist look for bathrooms
  • Easy to refill and reuse sustainably

Overall, opening a Native body wash pump just takes getting used to the special locking system. Once you learn the simple process, you can quickly refill with a natural body wash and enjoy leakproof, controlled dispensing. Follow the unlock arrows, remove the pump, refill, and reassemble for effortless cleaning.

Summary of How to Open Native Body Wash Pump:

  1. Locate and press down the unlock arrows on the bottom while twisting off the cap counter-clockwise.
  2. Remove the cap and pull out the inner pump mechanism.
  3. Refill the bottle with the desired body wash, leaving 1 inch of space.
  4. Replace the pump and firmly screw the cap back on.
  5. Push unlock arrows back into the locked position.

FAQS About How to Open Native Body Wash Pump:

How do you get the first pump open?
Answer: The pump is sealed tight initially. Press and hold the two unlock arrows on the bottom while twisting the cap counter-clockwise to open.

What can you use to press the unlock arrows?
Answer: Fingers, thumbs, a coin, or a flathead screwdriver can all be used to press down on the arrows. Apply steady pressure.

How do you properly refill the bottle?
Answer: Use a funnel to neatly pour sulfate-free body wash into the bottle opening while avoiding spills. Leave 1 inch of space. Re-insert the pump until it clicks before tightening the cap.

How do you know if the pump is sealed?
Answer: The cap should be fully tightened and the unlock arrows in the up position. Test the pump to make sure it dispenses properly once assembled.

What if the pump leaks?
Answer: Make sure the cap is fully tightened and the arrows locked. Remove the pump and check for any cracks. Replace cracked/faulty pumps to prevent leaks.


While it takes a bit of finesse, opening a Native body wash pump is simple once you know the lock and arrow system. Refilling favorite scents into the bottles allows you to reduce waste while enjoying controlled, leakproof cleansing. With the right technique, you can easily unlock, refill, and reuse your Native pump.

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