3 Easy Ways on How To Get rid of Mustache Shadow In Females

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3 Easy Ways on How To Get rid of Mustache Shadow In Females

Many females struggle with upper lip hair, commonly called a “mustache shadow.” This hair can be light and barely noticeable or quite dark and prominent. Either way, it makes women uncomfortable. The process of eliminating the mustache shadow in females appears difficult, yet it can be easily undone with home remedies. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover 3 easy ways on how to get rid of mustache shadow in females.

How To Get rid of Mustache Shadow

Way #1: Bleaching

One of the easiest ways on how to get rid of mustache shadow in females is using a bleach specifically designed for facial hair. Bleaching the hair makes it less visible by lightening it to match skin tone. To use a facial hair bleach:

  1. Carry out patch test on the bleach first, to confirm that it does not cause an irritation or allergic reaction.
  2. Following the package directions, mix with the supplied applicator and thinly even layer on to mustache area.
  3. Leave on for the recommended time, usually 5-10 minutes max.
  4. Rinse thoroughly when done.

Be very careful not to leave bleach on too long and avoid contact with eyes. Bleaching should make fine hairs much less noticeable. It may take a few treatments to reach desired results. Touch-up bleach applications are needed as the hair grows back to maintain the lightness.

Way #2: Waxing/Sugaring

Removing mustache hair using waxing or sugaring is another way on how to get rid of mustache shadow. These methods pull the hair directly out of the follicle so results last longer. Here are the basics:

Waxing – Hot or cold wax is applied then a strip placed on top and pulled off to remove hairs. Sugaring – A sticky sugar paste grabs and removes hairs as it is flicked off the skin.

For either method:

  1. Allow mustache hair to grow out slightly first for best results.
  2. Prep skin by washing face or you can powder first to remove slipperiness.
  3. Test wax/sugar temperature before applying directly to mustache area. Apply against the direction of hair growth.
  4. Pull off strips or flick hardened sugar quickly in the direction of hair growth.
  5. Follow up with a soothing lotion for any redness.

These hair removal methods on how to get rid of mustache shadow in females should minimize regrowth for 3-6 weeks usually. Proper technique and aftercare help avoid irritation or breakouts.

Way #3: Laser Hair Removal

The most effective long-term approach on how to get rid of the mustache area in women is professional laser hair removal for permanent hair reduction. Laser works by focusing on the pigment in hair follicles with intense pulses of fast moving light. This precision destroys follicles to prevent future growth. Here is how it works:

  1. Schedule a consultation to determine if laser is suitable for your skin and hair color. Best candidates have fair skin and dark coarse hair.
  2. Multiple treatments are needed, usually 4-8 spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best mustache hair removal. Maintenance may be required annually.
  3. Laser sessions are relatively quick, just a few minutes per area like the upper lip. No hair removal is needed prior to appointments.
  4. The mustache area may be red and swollen for 12-24 hours. Use soothing creams, avoid sun exposure and don’t pick at hair shedding over the next couple weeks.

When performed correctly by an experienced technician, laser hair removal on the mustache provides the longest lasting and most effective way on how to get rid of mustache shadow for females seeking permanent reduction.


In summary, dealing with unwanted mustache hair growth causing shadow or discoloration for females can negatively impact confidence. Thankfully there are easy at-home remedies like bleaching and waxing/sugaring to temporarily remove mustache hair when learning how to get rid of mustache shadow. For those seeking a permanent solution, professional laser hair removal is the gold standard treatment to reduce mustache hair growth long-term. With some trial and error to find which method works best, females can show off a smooth and hair-free upper lip.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about getting rid of mustache shadow in females:

How long does it take to see results when learning how to get rid of mustache shadow?

Results vary depending on which method you choose. Bleaching shows immediate color-lightening but waxing/sugaring a few days of hair growth is needed. Laser provides gradual permanent reduction over 4-8 sessions spaced a month apart usually.

Why does my mustache shadow return after bleaching/waxing/sugaring?

Hair removal methods like bleaching, waxing and sugaring provide temporary results. As hair regrows from the root which isn’t damaged, the mustache shadow returns. Repeat applications are needed monthly or as hair grows back.

Is mustache hair removal painful?

Everyone’s tolerance varies. Bleaching should not hurt but can cause skin irritation if left on too long. Waxing/sugaring feels briefly painful to most when hair is pulled but goes away quickly. Laser feels mildly uncomfortable, often described as a warm rubber band snapping sensation.

What age should females start removing mustache facial hair?

There’s no “right” age as hair growth depends on genetics and can develop from puberty into adulthood. Typically excess hair lightening/removal starts during teen years. Consulting a dermatologist or hair removal professional helps evaluate options.

Can I permanently get rid of my mustache shadow naturally?

No overnight or permanent natural remedy exists to remove mustache hair or destroy the follicle. While some home recipes may assist in temporary bleaching or slowing growth, they will not provide the same level of long-term hair removal as professional cosmetic laser treatments.


Unwanted mustache shadow can be distressing for females. But rest assured there are ways to eliminate the issue whether temporarily or permanently. Easy at-home methods like bleaching and waxing/sugaring offer affordable maintenance in removing annoying hairs that make up mustache shadow. Laser hair removal is best for targeting follicles long-term, preventing that upper lip shadow from returning for those wanting a permanent fix. Hope this guide gave you the complete details on how to get rid of mustache shadow in females through safe and effective removal techniques that build confidence. Don’t let a little hair get you down!


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