How to Get Paint Out of Hair: Quick and Easy Solutions

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How to Get Paint Out of Hair: Quick and Easy Solutions

Getting paint in your hair can be a messy and frustrating experience. Paint is designed to stick to surfaces, so it can sometimes feel impossible to remove from hair fibers. Nevertheless, there are multiple approaches you can take to safely and successfully eliminate paint from your hair. By employing careful scrubbing and utilizing appropriate cleaning solutions, you can return your hair to its original, beautiful condition. This article will explore How to Get Paint Out of Hair, what you’ll need, a step-by-step guide, tips for avoiding paint in hair, and answer FAQS.

How to Get Paint Out of Hair What You’ll Need:

  • Olive oil or coconut oil
  • Baby shampoo or dish soap
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towels
  • An old toothbrush or scrub brush
  • Bucket for water

How to Get Paint Out of Hair Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Rinse With Water As soon as you get fresh paint in your hair, rinse it immediately under running water. This will prevent the paint from drying or setting into the hair shaft. Rinse for several minutes until the water runs clear.
  2. Apply Oil Coat the paint-covered hair strands thoroughly with olive oil or coconut oil. The oil assists in breaking down the paint and loosening its adherence to your hair. Let the oil remain on your hair for a minimum of 10-15 minutes.
  3. Cleanse with baby shampoo: Apply an ample quantity of mild baby shampoo or dish soap directly onto the paint spots, and lather it in. Use an old toothbrush or scrub brush to gently scrub the paint away. The soap will emulsify the oil and paint together, allowing it to rinse out. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Try rubbing alcohol if the paint persists even after shampooing. Dab some rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel, press the paper towel against the painted areas, and allow it to soak in for a few minutes. This will help dissolve stubborn paint. Rinse again.
  5. Repeat Process It may take several rounds of oil, scrubbing, and rinsing to get the paint out. Repeating the process ensures you get all the paint pigment removed from the hair follicle. Be patient and gentle.
  6. Use Clarifying Shampoo After removing all visible paint, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any remaining paint residue. Clarifying shampoos deep clean without stripping natural oils. Follow with a nourishing conditioner.
  7. Avoid Hot Tools Avoid using any hot styling tools like blow dryers or curling irons until all the paint is removed. Heat can set paint pigments into the hair. Let your hair air dry if needed.

How to Get Paint Out of Hair Tips for Avoiding Paint in Hair:

  • Tie your hair up or wear a shower cap when painting.
  • Use painter’s tape around hairlines to create a protective barrier.
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Immediately change out of paint-soiled clothes.
  • If you get a little paint in your hair, apply hairspray to the spots. This will make paint easier to flick out when dry.
  • Avoid using chemical paint strippers on hair at all costs, as these can damage and burn hair.

Can You Prevent Stained Hair?

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee paint won’t stain hair even after thoroughly rinsing it out. Darker or longer-lasting paint formulas have a higher chance of slight discoloration remaining on bleached or color-treated hair. In most cases, it is barely noticeable, especially once you shampoo a few more times. If staining persists, try using a clarifying shampoo or dyeing your hair a darker shade. Avoid bleach, as it can make stains more prominent.

When to Seek Professional Help While paint is non-toxic, if you’ve tried all removal methods without success, it may be time to see a professional hair stylist. They have commercial strength cleansing agents that can help lift out stubborn paint stains. Professionals can also safely re-color your hair if any obvious discoloration remains. Getting paint out of hair can be tedious, but taking quick action and using the right hair care products will resolve the issue.

In summary, how to get paint out of hair:

  1. Rinse under water immediately after getting paint in the hair.
  2. Apply oil and let sit for 10-15 minutes. This loosens the paint’s bond.
  3. Lather hair with baby shampoo or dish soap. Gently scrub with a toothbrush.
  4. Use rubbing alcohol and paper towels to dissolve stubborn paint.
  5. Repeat the process multiple times for tough paint stains. Be patient and gentle.
  6. Finish with a clarifying shampoo to remove residue. Avoid hot tools while wet.
  7. See a professional stylist if stains persist after multiple removal attempts.
FAQ’s About How to Get Paint Out of Hair :

How to get paint out of hair acrylic?
Answer: Use an oil treatment followed by dish soap or salon shampoo scrubbed in with an old toothbrush. Acrylics are water-based, so they should come out with thorough rinsing and scrubbing. Avoid hot tools until removed.

What about oil-based paints?
Answer: Oil-based paints may be harder to wash out. Use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel after the shampoo scrub to help dissolve the paint. Repeating the process a few times should remove it, but stains may occur.

What home products work to remove paint?
Answer: Olive oil, coconut oil, liquid dish soap, baby shampoo, rubbing alcohol, clarifying shampoo, and an old toothbrush are commonly used home products that work to remove dried paint from hair when used properly.

Is there a homemade recipe for paint removal?
Answer: Yes, mix 1 tbsp baking soda, 1 tsp liquid dish soap, and 1 tbsp vinegar into a paste. Apply to hair and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse then shampoo hair. The acidic solution helps break down paint particles.

Can you use paint thinner or turpentine on your hair?
Answer: No, never use chemical paint strippers, thinners, or turpentine on hair as they can chemically damage hair and irritate the scalp. Stick to gentler cleaning methods.


How to get paint out of hair can be tedious, but have patience and use the right combination of oil, soap, alcohol, and scrubbing to lift even tough stains. Taking quick action as soon as it happens gives you the best chance of removal. Avoid heat styling and repeat the cleaning process multiple times if needed, being gentle on your hair. With some perseverance, you can get your hair back to fresh and pain-free. Seek professional help if all else fails.

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