The Art of Concealing: How to Cover a Bruise for a Radiant Look

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The Art of Concealing: How to Cover a Bruise for a Radiant Look


Bruises can be unsightly and embarrassing, but they’re a common minor injury most of us experience from time to time. Fortunately, there are many effective techniques for inconspicuously concealing bruises. With the right cosmetic products and application methods, you can seamlessly disguise bruises on your face, legs, arms, and body. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about how to cover a bruise, all colors, and stages of healing. Read on to learn professional makeup tips and tricks to skillfully hide bruises for a flawless appearance.

How to Cover a Bruise Summary of Cover-Up Methods:

Here’s a quick overview of the key strategies used on How to Cover a Bruise:

  • Color correcting – Use green-tinted concealer to neutralize redness from fresh, new bruises. Apply before foundation and concealer.
  • Full coverage products – Liquid foundations, concealers, and powders provide layers of pigmented coverage to hide the bruise.
  • Light-reflecting makeup – Highlighters and illuminators containing shimmer/pearlescent pigments refract light to minimize the appearance of discoloration.
  • Redirecting techniques – Use contouring and highlighting makeup to draw attention away from the bruised area.
  • Skin preparation – Exfoliate and moisturize skin for smooth application and longevity of coverup makeup.
  • Setting makeup – Translucent powder sets concealer and prevents creasing, sliding, and smudging.

By skillfully combining preparation, color correction, and precise application, it’s possible to conceal even the most prominent bruises, ensuring a flawless complexion for a picture-perfect finish.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cover a Bruise

Adhere to these step-by-step guidelines to effectively conceal bruises on your face or body with seamless results:

  1. Prep the bruised area – Gently wash and exfoliate the skin to remove flakiness and dryness. Apply a hydrating moisturizer.
  2. Color correct – For fresh purple/red bruises, apply a green color-correcting primer or concealer directly on the discolored area. Blend out edges.
  3. Apply foundation – Use a medium to full coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. Build thin layers of foundation over the bruise, blending with a damp sponge or brush.
  4. Conceal – Spot conceal directly over the bruise using a fuller coverage, opaque concealer that matches your skin tone. Let dry slightly before blending.
  5. Set – Dust a light layer of setting powder over the concealed area using a fluffy brush to set the makeup in place. Avoid excess powder.
  6. Highlight – Apply a brightening highlighter or illuminator on areas surrounding the bruise. This helps reflect light and divert attention.
  7. Finish and blend – Reapply foundation around the outer edges of the concealed bruise to blend with your natural skin. Mist face with setting spray.
  8. Touch up – Check the application under different lighting. Reapply concealer as needed to cover any remaining discoloration.

How to Cover a Bruise Tips and Tricks:

Here are some additional pointers for flawlessly concealing bruises:

  • For new bruises, start by massaging Arnica gel into the skin to reduce inflammation and minimize bluish tones.
  • Opt for creamy concealer formulas as they blend almost seamlessly into the skin and provide fuller coverage.
  • Use a damp makeup sponge rather than a brush to press concealer and foundation into the skin over the bruise.
  • Invert your routine by applying concealer before foundation when covering bruises.
  • Mix a touch of yellow color corrector into your concealer to better neutralize purple/blue hues of fresh bruises.
  • Set the concealer with loose translucent powder using a velour puff for the most crease-free result.

With persistence and the proper products, you can cleverly disguise even the most stubborn, lingering bruises.

How to Cover a Bruise FAQS:

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about How to Cover a Bruise:

Q1. How do you cover a bruise on your face?
Answer: Use a color-correcting primer or concealer in green to neutralize the redness. Apply foundation, then spot-conceal the area with a thicker opaque concealer the same color as your skin tone. Set with powder and highlight surrounding areas.

Q2. What is the fastest way to get rid of a bruise?
Answer: Applying something cold like an ice pack can help minimize bruising and swelling right after an injury occurs. Once bruised, vitamin K creams containing arnica may help speed healing and fade discoloration faster.

Q3. What makeup should I use to cover bruises?
Answer: Look for full-coverage foundations and concealers that provide intense pigmentation. Cream or stick formulas will give the most opaque coverage. Adding a green color corrector for new bruises maximizes concealing power.

Q4. Should you put makeup on a bruise?
Answer: Yes, makeup is safe and effective for concealing the look of a bruise, as long as the skin is not broken. Use clean tools and products and change out makeup sponges/brushes daily to prevent infection. Seek medical treatment for bruises resulting from serious injuries.

Q4. How long do bruises take to heal?
Answer: Bruises typically go through color changes as they heal, fading from blue/purple to green/yellow over 1-2 weeks. Some deep tissue bruises or those on joints can take 4 weeks or longer to fully resolve.

How to Cover a Bruise Conclusion:

Don’t let a bruise cramp your style – with the right cosmetic tricks, bruises on both face and body can be seamlessly camouflaged. Color correcting opposite hues, layering pigmented formulas, illuminating surrounding areas, and proper blending all help create a flawless, bruise-free complexion. With a well-stocked makeup bag and practice, you’ll be expertly concealing bruises in no time.

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