How Much is a Helix Piercing? Your Comprehensive Price Guide

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How Much is Helix Piercing? Your Comprehensive Price Guide

The helix piercing is located along the upper ear cartilage rim and has become a popular ear piercing choice. But how much does it typically cost to get your helix pierced at a shop by a professional? The price can range quite a bit based on factors like jewelry, location, shop fees, and more. This article will break down how much is a helix piercing, the average cost of a helix piercing, and what’s included, along with tips for saving money and getting the best value for this classic ear piercing style.

How Much is a Helix Piercing Summary:

  • The average cost of a helix piercing is $30-$80 including basic jewelry.
  • Location impacts price. Urban shops in bigger cities charge more.
  • More expensive jewelry like diamonds can add $50-$300 to the total cost.
  • Many shops have minimum piercing fees of $20-$50 that include jewelry.
  • Tipping your piercer 15%-20% is customary though not always required.
  • Joining rewards programs and military discounts can save money at chain shops.

While the helix piercing itself is relatively quick and simple, expect to spend roughly $40-$100 total for high-quality piercing services and starter jewelry.

How Much is a Helix Piercing: What Impacts the Cost?

Here are the main factors that influence helix piercing prices:

  • Piercer’s experience level – renowned experts often charge more.
  • Shop’s overhead – Urban boutiques have higher rents and staff costs.
  • Jewelry material and details – precious metals and gems raise prices.
  • Local market rates – Prices vary by area and piercer competition.
  • Additional service fees – Some shops add separate setup, jewelry, and tip fees.

Aim for an experienced piercer with quality jewelry in a clean studio environment to get your money’s worth.

How Much is a Helix Piercing Price Breakdown:

Here is what is typically included in the total cost:

  • Piercing service fee: $25-$50 Covers the piercer’s time and effort executing the piercing safely.
  • Jewelry starter stud: $20-$60 Initial stud made of surgical steel, titanium, and 14k gold.
  • Shop supplies/tools: $5-$15 Disposable items like needles, gloves, and disinfectants.
  • Tipping piercer: 15%-20% of total cost Optional but customary gratuity for good service.
  • Aftercare solution/cream: $5-$15 Used to clean the healing piercing for a few months.

How Much is a Helix Piercing Saving Money:

Here are tips for getting your helix piercing done affordably:

  • Go during discounts or sales periods. Sign up for shop loyalty programs.
  • Opt for cheaper jewelry like surgical steel instead of solid gold. Can upgrade later.
  • Seek shops with package deal pricing that combines piercing costs and basic stud jewelry.
  • Ask about discounts for students, military, emergency services, or medical professionals.
  • Consider tipping 10-15% rather than a full 20% to reduce total cost.
  • Purchase your own aftercare solution instead of the shop’s house brand.
  • Join piercing shop loyalty programs to earn points and qualify for special offers.

With the right piercer and smart shopping, you can get a fashionable helix piercing without spending a fortune.

FAQ’s About How Much is a Helix Piercing :

1. Is a helix piercing one or two piercings?
Answer: A single helix piercing goes through the rim of the ear cartilage once. A double or triple helix has two or three studs lined up in the helix.

2. How much does Claire’s charge for a helix piercing?
Answer: Claire’s charges $20-$35 for helix piercings, which includes the piercing service and starter stud. Ear care solution is around $10 extra.

3. Is a helix piercing more painful than a lobe?
Answer: Yes, helix piercings tend to be more painful than earlobe piercings because the cartilage is thicker and there are more nerve endings.

4. How long does a helix piercing take to heal?
Answer: With proper aftercare, helix piercings generally take 3-9 months to fully heal. Larger gauges and cartilage take longer than earlobes.

5. What’s the least painful ear piercing?
Answer: The earlobe piercing, especially done with a piercing gun, is typically the least painful due to minimal nerve endings. Anti-tragus and rook piercings are also less painful than helix.


While prices vary, expect to spend around $40-$80 to get your helix cartilage pierced safely by a qualified professional including starter jewelry. Select an experienced piercer you trust, follow aftercare diligently, and you’ll have an edgy new ear piercing to show off for years to come.

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