How Much Does Club Pilates Cost? Your Complete Pricing Guide for 2024

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How Much Does Club Pilates Cost? Your Complete Pricing Guide for 2024

Club Pilates is a popular Pilates studio franchise with locations across the United States. The group class model and range of machine and mat workout options appeal to many pilates enthusiasts. But How Much Does Club Pilates Cost? The standard pricing falls within the $100 to $180 per month range for unlimited classes, and discounts are accessible. Continue reading for a detailed breakdown of the pricing framework.

How Much Does Club Pilates Cost: Unlimited Monthly Membership

The primary membership option at Club Pilates is unlimited monthly classes. This auto-renews each month and allows you to attend as many classes as you wish at your home studio. Unlimited memberships cost:

  • $179 per month in metro areas like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
  • $159 per month in mid-sized cities like Austin, Denver, and San Francisco
  • $139 per month in smaller suburban and rural areas.
  • 10% discount for students and teachers with ID
  • 10% discount for seniors 60+ years old

Membership includes access to their app with 500+ online classes, studio classes nationwide up to 5 times per month, and 15% discounts on retail products. Taxes may increase the monthly cost slightly depending on location.

How Much Does Club Pilates Cost: Class Packages

If you don’t need unlimited access, Club Pilates offers class packages as a lower-cost alternative:

  • 5 classes per month for $115
  • 10 classes per month for $199
  • 20 classes per month for $380

The more classes purchased upfront, the lower the per-class cost is. Unused classes roll over up to 6 months. Intro offers are sometimes available for discounted first-month packages.

How Much Does Club Pilates Cost: Membership Freezes and Cancellation

Members can freeze their membership for $15 per month for up to 3 months per year. Freezes must be done 5 days before the billing date.

There is a a 30-day minimum commitment upon joining. After that, cancellation requires submitting notice 5 days before the next billing date. If the notice is less than 5 days, you will be charged for the next month.

How Much Does Club Pilates Cost: Discounts to Reduce Cost

Club Pilates provides these common membership discounts:

  • 10% student and teacher discount
  • 10% senior 60+ discount
  • Occasional 15% off intro month packages
  • Corporate wellness program rates
  • First responder and military discounts

The best way to lower costs is to pay annually upfront for a full year to lock in the lowest possible rate. Splitting an Unlimited membership with a friend is another way to save on world-class pilates classes.

Pay-Per-Class Drop-In Cost

While memberships are encouraged, you can pay per class as a drop-in:

  • $25-40 per class

Class types like Barre or Blast cost extra. Buying class packs lowers the per-class cost significantly.

Private Session and Duet Costs

Get one-on-one instruction or train with a partner in private sessions:

  • Private: $80-100 per session
  • Duet (for 2): $50-70 per person per session

Packages of 5 and 10 private sessions provide 10-20% savings off single session rates.

Teacher Training Programs

To become a licensed Club Pilates instructor, full teacher training costs between $3,500-$4,000 depending on location. Payment plans are available. Once certified, teachers get free unlimited classes.

In summary, Club Pilates offers memberships starting around $100/month for unlimited classes, with the exact pricing dependent on your city and discounts. Significant savings are available from student rates, senior discounts, bulk class packs, and annual payments. Overall, Club Pilates provides exceptional value given the premium amenities, classes, and facilities.

FAQ’s About How Much Does Club Pilates Cost :

Does each location have different pricing?
Answer: Yes, pricing varies slightly based on the size of the metro area, cost of living, and competitive landscape. But expect monthly unlimited rates between $100-$180 before discounts.

Can I take classes at any studio nationwide?
Answer: Yes, your home studio membership includes 5 complimentary classes per month at studios nationwide, with just a small surcharge for additional visits.

What amenities are included with membership?
Answer: Memberships include use of equipment like reformers, discounts on retail items, access to 500+ online classes, nationwide studio access, and an app to book classes.

Are there additional fees?
Answer: Some locations charge an annual $25 technology fee. Taxes may also apply. But there are no hidden fees otherwise.

Can I get a free trial class?
Answer: Club Pilates offers 1-2 free introductory classes so prospective members can experience the workout before joining. New member discounts are sometimes offered as well.

In summary, Club Pilates offers exceptional value, especially with student, senior, and annual payment discounts factored in. The Unlimited membership tiers allow unlimited classes from just $100-$180 monthly, making specialized pilates training affordable and convenient through this popular lifestyle brand.

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