How Much Are Hair Extensions? A Complete Price Guide

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How Much Are Hair Extensions? A Complete Price Guide

Long, voluminous locks are coveted by many. But not everyone is blessed with a thick head of hair that grows quickly. For those seeking to add length, thickness, highlights, or simply a new style to their natural hair, hair extensions offer a versatile solution. From clip-ins to tape-ins to sew-ins, there are many types to choose from. But before getting extensions, the crucial question is always: how much are hair extensions? Read on for a comprehensive overview of the factors that influence hair extension pricing.

Average Costs of Different Extension Types

The type of hair extensions greatly impacts the overall price. Here are typical price ranges:

  • Clip-In Extensions – $80 to $200
  • Tape-In Extensions – $150 to $300
  • Keratin Fusion Extensions – $300 to $800
  • Micro Link/Bead Extensions – $300 to $600
  • Nano Ring/Loop Extensions – $300 to $800
  • Weft/Sew-In Extensions – $200 to $1,000+

As you can see, clip-in extensions tend to be cheapest since they are temporary and don’t require professional installation. But there is overlap in pricing ranges since many factors aside from just application method contribute to costs.

Factors That Influence Hair Extension Prices

From hair quality to stylist rates, what exactly makes extensions expensive? Here are the key pricing factors:

  • Extension Type – As shown above, permanent attachment methods cost more than temporary clip-ins or tapes. Different materials, durability and application processes account for these price differences.
  • Hair Quality – Remy human hair is the gold standard and most expensive. Synthetic hair is cheaper but doesn’t blend as naturally. Thicker, healthier hair also costs more.
  • Hair Length – Longer extensions equate to higher pricing because more hair is required. 26+ inch extensions may be twice the price of shorter styles.
  • Amount of Hair – Full head coverage with hundreds of extensions costs more total than sparse supplemental strands. Density impacts price.
  • Color Customization – Getting extensions dyed or pre-colored to match your exact shade adds to the pricing.
  • Salon Location – Stylists in high-end urban salons charge more than suburban or rural salons on average. Location impacts overhead and rates.
  • Stylist Level – Top stylists with years of specialized training command higher prices than assistants or less experienced stylists.
  • Maintenance – Getting extensions tightened, moved up, or replaced periodically necessary upkeep costs.

When factoring the total investment, be sure to consider both initial installation and ongoing maintenance. Hidden fees like removal or styling may apply too.

Price-Slashing Tips for how much are Hair Extensions

If the quoted prices for your dream hair make you gulp, use these budget-friendly tips:

  • Go Remy over Virgin – Remy is pricier than virgin hair but identical in quality yet cheaper. Save money and get the same look.
  • Request a Package Deal – Ask your stylist for a discounted bundle including the hair and services together. This can save substantially.
  • Buy Loose Hair & DIY – Cut out salon labor costs by purchasing unattached hair online to apply yourself or have a friend attach.
  • Choose Synthetic – It won’t blend perfectly but quality synthetics are far cheaper. Only lasts 1-3 months though.
  • Get Clip-Ins – Cheapest temporary option. Save sew-ins for special occasions and use clip-ins day-to-day.
  • Get Fewer Strands – Opt for a less dense look with fewer extensions covering only where needed most.
  • Comparison Shop – Check prices from a few reputable local salons before committing rather than going with the first quote.
  • Ask About Discounts – Inquire if any current promotions, student discounts or bundle deals could make extensions more affordable.

With smart shopping, strategic compromises, and budget discipline, hair extension dreams can be attainable!

How much are hair extensions (FAQS):

Here are answers to some common questions about how much are hair extensions:

  • Are extensions cheaper online or in salons? Initially, loose extensions may be cheaper online but you’ll still need to pay for professional installation. Overall, salons may provide better value with package deals.
  • Why are tape-in extensions cheaper than sew-ins? It’s quicker to install tape-ins since they use adhesive. No braiding or removal of your own hair is required. Sew-ins require meticulous anchors and time-intensive application.
  • How can I make extensions last longer to save money? Avoid overwashing, heat styling, and friction on bonds. Use specialized shampoos/conditioners. Get them tightened or replaced promptly when loosening occurs. Proper care makes them last.
  • Is it cheaper to get extensions abroad? Sometimes, yes. But beware of low-quality hair or unlicensed/untrained technicians. The risk of a hair disaster may outweigh potential savings. Do thorough research first.
  • Should I just get a few extensions mixed with my real hair? Yes, “halo” extensions just around your face or crown can blend beautifully. Going low-density with supplemental extensions saves substantially over getting full head coverage.
  • How much will it cost to remove extensions later? Anywhere from $50 to $150+ depending on method used, labor time, and salon rates. But removable clip-ins or tapes won’t require professional removal.

How much are hair extensions? Conclusion:

While no luxurious beauty treatment like professional hair extensions comes cheap, understanding what creates the costs allows smart decisions. With some savvy compromises like opting for synthetics or halos paired with stylist/salon selection, extensions can work within many budgets. Do your homework to recognize true quality and value. Then shake your new tresses proudly!

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