How Long Does Tattooing Take? A Detailed Timeline

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How Long Does Tattooing Take? A Detailed Timeline

Getting a new tattoo involves a big time commitment and investment. But how long does a tattooing take? Tattoo length depends on size, complexity, detail, body placement, artist speed, and your own tolerance. Small simple designs may last under an hour, while large intricate sleeves take multiple long sessions of several hours each. First tattoos also tend to go slower. To estimate your session time, ask your artist how many hours they estimate based on the tattoo dimensions and their hourly speed. They can best advise you on what to expect for your custom piece. While getting inked requires patience, remember to budget ample time so your artist can complete the work to their highest standards.


You crafted the perfect tattoo design with your chosen artist and eagerly booked your appointment. But uncertainty looms as the day approaches – how long will you really have to spend in the tattoo chair? Session times vary widely depending on your design and pain tolerance. A tiny finger tat may take 15 minutes, while a back piece sprawls into a marathon six hours under the buzzing machine.

As a first timer, it’s challenging to know what you’re in for when going under the needle. However, chatting with your artist ahead of time gives you an idea of estimated duration so you can mentally prepare. Read on for how long does tattooing take time factors including size, placement, pain, and style that determine your hours in the hot seat.

How Long Does Tattooing Take?

What Impacts Tattoo Length?

Tattoo dimensions:

  • Small coin-sized tattoo <30 min
  • Medium hand/wrist-sized ~ 1-2 hours
  • Large back/thigh/chest 4+ hours

Amount of line work and shading:

  • All line work goes faster than dense shading
  • Photorealism and gradients take more time

Level of detail and intricacy:

  • Simple script <30 min
  • Elaborately detailed mandala 2+ hours

Body placement:

  • Delicate areas like feet, ribs prolong sessions
  • Fleshy areas allow faster progression

Artist skill and speed:

  • Faster artists complete more per hour
  • Apprentices slower paced initially

The age of the tattooer also factors in. Seasoned artists tend to work faster while still maintaining quality line work.

Your pain tolerance also determines pacing:

  • Breaks needed for sensitive areas or lower pain threshold

First time versus familiar:

  • First session generally takes longer
  • Your body acclimates over repeat sessions

Consultation time also adds to total appointment length.

How Tattoo Artists Estimate Session Length:

To calculate approximate session time, the artist considers:

  • The tattoo’s exact dimensions
  • Their own hourly speed for line work vs. shading/coloring
  • The body area being tattooed
  • Complexity of any patterns or textures
  • Your skin elasticity and expected swelling

This gives them an experience-based approximation of how many hours your custom piece will require. They know best based on completing similar sized and styled tattoos.

An experienced artist won’t rush quality work to fit a time frame. It’s better to split sessions than cram work into one marathon sitting. Don’t book travel right after your appointment – give yourself leeway.

What If It Takes Longer Than Expected?

Sometimes tattoos take longer than initially estimated. Common reasons include:

  • You request additions or changes during the session.
  • Unexpected swelling or bleeding occurs.
  • You need more frequent breaks to rest.
  • Equipment issues arise and troubleshooting is required.

Be prepared for your first session to run over by about 10-20% as you acclimate to the process.

Your artist may advise:

  • Extending session if you feel up to it.
  • Splitting into another session to finish later.
  • Prioritizing outline first session, shading later.

Don’t rush quality work or overextend your threshold just to complete it that day. Tattooing is a process – embrace it.

Tips to Make Sessions Go Smoother:

  • Disclose any medications or conditions that affect bleeding/pain
  • Get plenty of sleep and avoid alcohol beforehand
  • Eat a filling meal and hydrate well before appointment
  • Use numbing spray if approved by artist
  • Wear comfy clothes for positioning
  • Bring distractions like music, books
  • Use bathroom ahead so you don’t have to pause workflow
  • Let artist know immediately if you need a break
  • Avoid booking other plans right after appointment
  • Be patient – good art takes time!
How Long Does Tattooing Take? (FAQS):

Q: How long should your first tattoo session be? A: 1-3 hours. Enough to get used to sensation without overdoing it.

Q: Do longer sessions cost more? A: Yes, expect to pay by the hour. So more hours equals more money.

Q: How long should you wait between sessions? A: Around 2-4 weeks for subsequent sessions allows proper healing between.

Q: Why do hand and foot tattoos take longer? A: High pain areas require more breaks. Frequent handwashing also delays healing.

Q: Does getting multiple small tattoos take longer? A: Slightly longer for setup between each design. But less time overall than one large piece.


While every tattoo and body is unique, your design specifics are the key determining factors for estimating session length. An experienced artist can best advise you on approximate hours needed for your custom piece based on size, placement, detail and their own pacing. Trust their judgement – don’t prioritize speed over quality work and safety. Remember to schedule ample downtime after appointments. With patience and proper planning, you’ll weather the tattooing process from sketch to final product.

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