How Long Does Masseter Botox Last? Complete Guide

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How Long Does Masseter Botox Last? Complete Guide

Masseter Botox injections are commonly used to reduce masseter muscle size and produce a slimmer facial profile. This can be related to the fact that Botox is widely used in masseter muscles to eliminate jaw or facial width and make aesthetic contouring possible. But an important question that arises is – How Long Does Masseter Botox Last? Knowing the longevity of Botox in the masseters can help patients better plan their treatment schedule. In this complete guide, we will break down how long does masseter Botox last, what impacts the lastingness of the effects, how to maintain results for longer, treatment cost, and the important safety details you need to know.

How Long Does Masseter Botox Last

How Masseter Botox Works

Masseter Botox stops the action of masseter mussel, which is responsible for chewing and clenching in jaw. With a contraction of masseter muscle the lower face appears wider or squarer. Through blocking the neural signals from reaching to masseter muscles, Botox relaxes this muscle making it not able to contract.

Therefore, after Botox injections into the masseter muscle, you will lose the ability to fully clench or engage that muscle. This will slim the appearance of the lower face and jawline. It also prevents grinding or clenching the teeth, which many people do subconsciously. Paralysing the muscle is a temporary effect though – so How Long Does Masseter Botox Last before results wear off? We will cover that next.

How Long Does Masseter Botox Last?

On average, Botox injections into the masseter muscles last approximately 3 to 6 months. In the first 4-6 weeks, the masseter muscle will be fully paralysed from the Botox. Gradually the effects will start to wear off. At the 3 month period, most patients notice the masseter muscle regaining some subtle movement ability. The results fully wear off around the 6 month point for most people.

There are always variabilities however from person to person. Some people may experience effects for less time like 2-3 months. Other people can have effects lasting up to 8 months. The lastingness depends on factors like:

  • The dose of Botox units injected
  • How well your body metabolises the Botox
  • If you have had Botox injected before (you can develop antibodies so it lasts shorter each time)
  • How active your masseter muscles are, e.g. if you clench or grind teeth (this wears off the effects faster)

To summarise – you should plan to get masseter Botox touch ups every 4-6 months if you want to maintain the slimming effects long term. Your provider can work out the best schedule for maintaining results based on How Long Does Masseter Botox Last previously and your individual response. Most patients end up getting masseter Botox 2-3 times per year. Check with your provider if you have any concerns about how long your masseter Botox results are lasting.

How to Make Masseter Botox Last Longer

Is there any way to make masseter Botox last longer than the typical 3 to 6 months? There are a few helpful tips that may extend the longevity in some cases:

  1. Get an adequate units of Botox injected – Getting a higher dose relative to the size of your masseter muscle can make results last longer. Too low a dose wears off faster. Talk to your provider about an appropriate dose tailored to your facial anatomy.
  2. Avoid teeth clenching and grinding – Clenching forces activation of the masseter muscle, which metabolises Botox faster. Being mindful of these habits after your Botox treatment helps the Botox effects last.
  3. Do facial exercises – Light facial exercises can maintain muscle atrophy after Botox injections, contributing to longer lasting slimming effects. Check with your provider which exercises are suitable.
  4. Maintain a consistent weight – Losing or gaining significant weight during your Botox treatment can impact how long masseter Botox lasts and your facial contour. Maintaining your current weight supports consistency.
  5. Plan touch-up appointments early – Booking follow-up appointments in advance ensures you get maintenance injections on-time before effects fully wear off. Stay ahead of the curve.

So while masseter Botox typically lasts 3-6 months, getting adequate units injected, avoiding jaw clenching, doing facial exercises and planning follow-up appointments early can help prolong your results. Discuss a customised maintenance plan with your cosmetic provider.

Masseter Reduction Results Timeline

Wondering when you will see results and the timeline for how the effects progress? Here is an overview of what to expect:

First 24 hours – Swelling, tenderness, redness and mild bruising are common after the injections. You should avoid massaging or manipulating the area to allow the Botox to properly diffuse. Take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen if required.

1 week – Most swelling dissipates within a week. Initial subtle thinning of the masseter muscle may be visible. Effects continue building.

2 weeks – The full paralytic effect of masseter Botox becomes noticeable at the 2 week mark. Maximum thinning and slimming effect achieved.

6 weeks – Peak results visible. Muscle should be fully paralysed leading to a clear slimming in jaw and lower face width. Maintains through 10-12 week period.

3 months+ – Gradual wearing off of the masseter Botox effects. Muscle movement starts returning. Follow up treatment required around 4-5 month mark to maintain the original results.

Masseter Botox Cost

Treatment costs for masseter Botox ultimately depends on factors like:

  • Your location and chosen cosmetic provider
  • The number of Botox units required for your facial anatomy
  • Whether you get additional services done concurrently, like filler injections

As a general guideline, you can expect to pay:

  • $400 – $900 per session for masseter Botox
  • Many providers offer package discounts if you commit to 2-3 treatments upfront

Packages help give an upfront discount for maintenance treatments. But you want to confirm lifespan of masseter Botox and get follow up appointments scheduled at the optimal 4-5 month timeframe for most consistent results over time.

Is Masseter Botox Safe? What are Side Effects? Masseter reduction Botox is considered a very safe treatment with minimal risks of complications when performed correctly by an experienced cosmetic provider. However some potential side effects include:

  • Pain, swelling, bruising or redness at injection sites
  • Asymmetry in face shape if one side is injected unevenly
  • Trouble chewing until effects wear off
  • Possible jowling effect from adjacent muscle relaxation
  • Allergic reaction in rare cases

To avoid complications and get the best masseter Botox results – ensure you see an expert provider, follow all pre and post care instructions properly, and alert your provider about any problems experienced. With optimal technique, masseter Botox has an excellent safety profile.

Summary & Conclusions
  • Masseter Botox works by temporarily paralysing the muscles responsible for chewing and lower face width to achieve a slimming effect in the jaw and cheeks
  • On average, masseter Botox lasts approximately 3 to 6 months on average before you require maintenance treatments
  • Longevity varies due to factors like Botox dosage, your metabolism, clenching habits and prior exposure to Botox
  • Getting adequate units injected, avoiding jaw clenching, facial exercises and early booking of follow-up appointments can help prolong results
  • Maximum thinning effect is achieved around the 6 week mark and continues for 4-5 months typically before gradual wearing off begins
  • Most patients require 2-3 maintenance sessions per year and plan touch ups at the 4-5 month mark for consistent masseter slimming
  • Pricing is usually $400 – $900 per treatment but packages can offer savings for multiple sessions
  • Side effects like swelling and numbness are usually mild and temporary when performed correctly

So in summary – “How Long Does Masseter Botox Last?” is the key question for those wanting to slim their lower face. You can expect effects to last around 3-6 months before follow up injections are required to maintain the cheek and jaw slimming results. Speak to a cosmetic doctor or provider to determine an optimal long term treatment schedule for your goals.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about masseter Botox duration and results:

How long does masseter Botox last for the first time?

For first time masseter Botox patients, the results often last closer to the longer end of the range because your body has no prior immune exposure. So expect your first masseter Botox session to potentially last 5-6 months before fully wearing off.

Does masseter Botox last shorter with repeated treatments?

Yes, repeated masseter Botox over time may shorten your personal lastingness pattern. As your immune system develops antibodies to the botulinum toxin, the effects may wear off quicker with subsequent treatments for some patients. Let your provider know your treatment history and adjust dosage or frequency accordingly.

Can I make masseter Botox last 6 months or more?

It may be possible to extend masseter Botox to the 6 month mark or longer by getting an adequate dose injected, avoiding teeth clenching habits, doing some light facial exercises, maintaining your weight, and pre-planning your next appointment before effects wear off. Consistency is key for longer lasting effects.

Why does masseter Botox wear off quicker in some people?

Reasons why masseter Botox may wear off faster include lower doses injected, having stronger masseter muscles that metabolise the Botox quicker, unknowingly tensing or clenching your jaw muscles after treatment, or losing muscle atrophy from significant weight changes during treatment. Discuss your unique response with your provider.

When do I schedule follow up treatment sessions?

Most cosmetic doctors recommend booking your next maintenance masseter Botox session around the 4 month mark after initial treatment. Scheduling it early before the previous Botox wears off allows the effects to seamlessly last longer with less fluctuation in between appointments.

What is the best frequency for masseter Botox maintenance?

Getting masseter Botox touch ups approximately every 4-6 months is optimal for most patients to maintain consistent slimming of the lower face and jaw. However some patients respond better to shorter 8-12 week intervals if the effects wear off quicker. Discuss the right long-term frequency for your anatomy.


We hope this complete guide has helped answer “How long does masseter Botox last?” in detail. While average duration is 3-6 months, results can be extended with proper technique, dosage and proactively planning your ongoing maintenance schedule. Work closely with an experienced cosmetic provider to tailor the ideal long term masseter reduction plan using Botox injections to meet your aesthetic goals. Consistent treatments every 4-5 months keeps you ahead of the curve for maximising this popular jaw slimming procedure with reduced facial width and improved contour over time.


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