How long does Kratom stay in your System?

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How long does Kratom stay in your System?

Derived from leaves indigenous to Southeast Asia, kratom has seen a notable rise in its use. In smaller quantities, it behaves as a stimulant, shifting to a sedative effect in larger doses. Nevertheless, ongoing safety concerns and the potential for misuse persist as subjects of examination. This prompts a common question: how long does kratom stay in your system post-consumption? Read on to learn what factors determine how long kratom stays in your system, is detectable, and how use may be tested.

Kratom Detection Windows

Kratom contains compounds, including the primary active alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These components have the potential to be identified in bodily fluids.

Urine: Kratom alkaloids can be detected in urine for up to 9 days after last use. However, detection times depend on many variables.

Blood: Kratom compounds remain in the bloodstream for around 24 hours following ingestion.

Saliva: Kratom may be detectable in oral fluid for 1-2 days.

Hair: Kratom can be found in hair follicles for up to 3 months.

Factors Affecting Detection Times

Several factors influence how long kratom can be detected:

  • Dose taken – Higher doses result in longer detection windows. At very high doses, kratom may be detectable for over two weeks.
  • Frequency of use – Frequent or chronic users accumulate more kratom compounds and metabolites in their bodies, leading to longer detection times.
  • Individual variation – Metabolism and body makeup affect kratom processing.
  • Fluid intake – Drinking more fluids may dilute kratom markers, shortening detection windows.
  • Test sensitivity – Advanced lab testing can identify lower levels of kratom for longer periods.

Typical kratom detection windows fall within 9 days for urine, 1-2 days for saliva, 24 hours for blood, and up to 3 months for hair. However, these can vary widely.

Kratom Drug Testing

Kratom alkaloids may be tested for in standard workplace and criminal justice drug screens. However, kratom is not detected by all tests.

Urine tests – Kratom is not included on most standard urine drug tests like the SAMHSA-5. Specific kratom urine tests are available but not commonly used.

Blood tests – Kratom blood levels can be measured, but blood is rarely used for drug testing.

Saliva tests – Kratom use can be detected via saliva drug tests for 1-2 days. These tests are gaining popularity for roadside screening.

Hair testing – Kratom can show up on hair follicle tests for months, but these tests are less common.

Due to short detection times in bodily fluids, kratom likely won’t be found in most standard drug tests. However, kratom testing is becoming more available.

Ways to Clear Kratom From Your System

To eliminate kratom compounds faster:

  • Stop kratom use – More time equals lower residual alkaloid levels.
  • Drink extra fluids – Water and liquids help dilute metabolites.
  • Exercise – Working out speeds metabolism and circulation, aiding excretion.
  • Eat high fiber – Fiber binds to kratom residues so they detox via bowel movements.
  • Consider supplements – Some claim acidic supplements speed elimination, but the evidence is limited.

The only foolproof way to pass a kratom drug test is to abstain from use 3-10 days beforehand. For heavy users, even longer abstention may be necessary.

How long does Kratom stay in your Systems (FAQs):

Does kratom show up on a drug test?
Answer: Kratom will not be detected on most standard workplace drug tests like 5-panel or 10-panel screens. However specific kratom tests are available.

How long to detox kratom?
Answer: For infrequent users, kratom compounds generally clear the body within 5-6 days. For heavy users, a week or longer may be needed to fully detox.

What helps get kratom out of your system faster?
Answer: Drinking extra fluids, exercising, eating high fiber, and taking acidic supplements may potentially help speed up kratom elimination.

Can you fail a drug test for kratom?
Answer: It is possible to fail a drug test due to kratom if a specific kratom urine screen is used. Kratom likely won’t be detected on most standard drug panels.

Is kratom legal?
Answer: In 2023, the legality of kratom varies across most U.S. states, with some having banned or restricted its access. The legal status of kratom continues to undergo changes.


Kratom compounds can be detected in bodily fluids for 1-9 days on average, and up to 3 months in hair. Detection times depend on dosage, frequency, metabolism, and test sensitivity. While kratom likely won’t trigger most workplace drug tests, longer abstention is safest for those who are screened. Talk to a doctor about kratom risks before using it.

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