Finding the Best Yoga Sandals for Studio Style & Comfort

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Finding the Best Yoga Sandals for Studio Style and comfort

Yoga-specific sandals provide a lightweight, freeing footwear option for practice. Desired features include a thin flexible sole, grippy texture, heel strap, and toe post style. Popular styles like flip flops, slides, and huaraches strike the optimal balance of breathability, comfort, and traction. The benefits of yoga sandals include better balance during standing poses, stability in footwork, and airflow to feet during hot classes. This guide covers what to look for and recommends top yoga sandal picks for men and women.


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Yoga involves holding standing poses, lunges, and balancing postures that engage the feet and ankles. While yoga is often done barefoot, sandals are a great alternative when you want a bit more support. Yoga sandals hug the foot for stability yet remain minimal enough not to constrict movement or flexibility. Their open-air design also helps keep feet cool and dry during sweaty practices like hot yoga or Bikram. With so many sport and fashion slides available today, what features should you look for in a yoga-specific sandal?

Key Features of Yoga Sandals:

  • Thin flexible sole – Mimics barefoot feel and allows toes to grip the floor
  • Textured footbed – Provides traction to avoid slips
  • Adjustable or elastic straps – Securely holds sandal to foot without pinching
  • Lightweight – Prevents dragging or weighted feeling
  • Breathable – Allows airflow around the foot
  • Toe post style – Keeps big toe stable and separated
  • Durable materials – Withstands frequent twisting and bending

Top 5 Yoga Sandal Picks:

  1. Sanuk Yoga Sling – Made by a surf-inspired brand, these offer a molded foam footbed that forms to your feet with wear. The upper features knit fabric slings between the toes and across the ankle for a secure yet comfy feel. Reviewers praise the broken-in comfort.

  2. Reef Ridge Cushion Sandal – With its soft polyester webbed upper and contoured arch support, this sandal cradles feet comfortably. The durable high-density rubber outsole provides reliable traction and flexibility. The elastic heel ruching helps keep the fit customized.

  3. Oka-B Taylor Slide – This pretty sandal secures feet with vegan leather crossed straps. The yoga mat-inspired footbed has just the right amount of squish under the toes. Customers love the stylish design and comfort.

  4. Kuru Women’s Ibiza – The ergonomic cork and rubber sole on this sandal supports arches and aligns feet properly. Breathable knit straps conform to your foot shape without chafing. Kuru sandals also feature antibacterial treatment to prevent odors.

  5. Telic Unisex Flip Flop – With an uber-thin sole and simple V-shaped thong, this minimalist sandal allows optimal floor grip and toe splay. The smooth footbed won’t irritate the skin. Reviewers comment on the barely-there lightweight feel.

Consider fit, style, and comfort needs when selecting the right yoga sandals for you. They should securely cradle the foot without chafing or pinching.

Yoga Sandal Care Tips:

  • Use a disinfectant spray after wearing to prevent bacteria buildup
  • Allow to fully air dry after sweating in them to prevent odors
  • Scrub the footbed regularly with mild soap and water
  • Replace once straps start to stretch out or the footbed breaks down

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Are flip-flops good for yoga?
Answer: Basic rubber flip flops can work, but look for yoga-specific ones with an ankle strap for stability.

Q2: Can I wear yoga sandals outdoors?
Answer: Yes, many styles work great outdoors due to their durability and tread.

Q3: What size yoga sandals should I get?
Answer: They should fit snugly but not pinch-fingernail length between the longest toe and end.

Q4: Can I wear yoga sandals for other workouts? A: Absolutely – they make the great lightweight gym, pilates, or barre shoes.

Q5: How should yoga sandals properly fit? A: Secure heel strap, toe post-hugging big toe, and compact overall feel.


Yoga sandals provide an ideal balance of freeing breathability plus grip and stability. Seek sandals purpose-designed for yoga with an ankle strap, tactile sole, and toe post fit. With the right yoga slides or flip-flops, you can reap mobility, comfort, and style on the mat.

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