CVS Pregnancy Test Accuracy: Trusting the Results

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CVS Pregnancy Test Accuracy: Trusting the Results

Wondering if you might be pregnant? A pregnancy test is the quickest way to find out. Drugstore chain CVS offers a variety of high-sensitivity pregnancy test options under their store brand. This article reviews everything you need to know about accuracy, proper use, interpretation, and more when using a CVS pregnancy test.

Understanding CVS Pregnancy Tests

CVS Pregnancy Test

CVS offers three main pregnancy test types: rapid result cassette tests, digital tests, and early result strip tests. All detect the presence of hCG hormone in urine or serum. HCG is only present when a woman is pregnant. CVS tests are designed to be >99% accurate when used properly.

CVS Cassette Pregnancy Test

This is the standard style pregnancy test with lines that appear in small windows to indicate “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” The control line verifies the test worked correctly. It gives results in 3 minutes.

CVS Digital Pregnancy Test

The digital test gives results spelled out in words on an LCD screen instead of reading lines. It detects hCG down to 25 mIU/mL sensitivity and shows the outcome in 3 minutes.

CVS Early Result Pregnancy Test

This strip test can detect lower levels of hCG with sensitivity down to 20 mIU/mL. It gives a fast result in just 1 minute. The earlier detection makes it ideal for very early pregnancy.

When to Take a CVS Pregnancy Test

Timing matters for accuracy! Take a pregnancy test no sooner than the first day of your missed period for reliable results. While some tests like the CVS Early Result can detect pregnancy several days before a missed period, you want to allow enough time for hCG levels to rise. Testing too early risks inaccurate results.

How to Use CVS Pregnancy Tests

  1. Select your test type and check the expiration date.
  2. Collect the urine samples in a clean cup and dip or hold the test stick in for the time specified.
  3. Wait for appropriate development time before interpreting the result.
  4. Read the test according to instructions – pregnancy tests either show lines, and symbols or spell out “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.”
  5. Consider retesting in a few days if the result is unexpected or unclear.

Tips for Accuracy

  • Follow all test directions precisely
  • Check test within the development time window
  • Do not drink excess fluids prior to testing
  • Retest with first-morning urine if unsure

CVS Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

Sensitivity indicates the lowest hCG level a test can detect. All CVS tests use highly sensitive technologies to find pregnancy hormones early:

  • Cassette: detects as low as 25 mIU/mL hCG
  • Digital: detects as low as 25 mIU/mL hCG
  • Early Result: detects as low as 20 mIU/mL hCG

Price and Availability

CVS pregnancy tests typically range from $9-$12 for a single test or $15-$25 for multi-packs. Prices are often lowest when purchasing packs. Tests can be found at any CVS pharmacy location or online for delivery. Generic equivalents may also be available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How accurate are CVS pregnancy test results?
All CVS tests boast >99% accuracy when taken as directed. Sensitivity levels of 20-25 mIU/mL ensure reliable early detection.

Q2: Can you use CVS tests with samples other than urine?
Answer: The tests are designed and FDA-approved for use with urine only, not other samples like blood.

Q3: How soon can a CVS test determine pregnancy?
Answer: The Early Result test claims detection up to 5 days before a missed period but waiting until the missed period maximizes accuracy.

Q4: Is a faint line on a CVS pregnancy test considered positive?
Yes, even very faint lines indicate pregnancy on traditional cassette tests as long as the control line appears.

Q5: Do CVS pregnancy tests expire and when should you not use them?
Answer: Yes, do not use expired tests as results may be inaccurate. Always check the expiration date on the box before testing.


With minimal hassle and affordable pricing, CVS pregnancy tests offer accurate and sensitive at-home pregnancy detection. Follow instructions closely, allow enough time for hCG to rise before testing, and retest if results seem off. Consulting your doctor about early pregnancy symptoms and prenatal care remains important for supporting a healthy pregnancy.

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