Creative Wallpapers for Teenagers: DIY Ideas and Inspirations

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Creative Wallpapers for Teenagers: DIY Ideas and Inspirations

Adorning and owning a room as only yours is an enjoyable part of puberty. One thing that teenagers can have fun with is by selecting creative wallpapers which help them to reflect their personalities and interests. However with some of the quite easy DIY choices teens can create a gift for somebody using their hobbies, favorite music or memory as the major subject; it depends on preference. In this paper, we will present creative wallpapers for teenagers solutions and walk the reader through how to create Do-It-Yourself wallpaper projects.

Collage Wallpapers

The type of DIY wallpapers that are quite easy to make for teenagers is a photo or art collage. Utilizing a set of magazine cutouts, images owned and artwork, this cardboard is certain to make an attractive halftoned background for teenagers-decorated collages simply glued on the wallpaper or straight away towards target. To create a photo collage wallpaper:

Wallpapers for Teenagers

  1. Gather photos, images, ticket stubs and other mementos you want to include. Make sure 
  2. to have a good mix of color, texture and size.
  3. Purchase wallpaper backing sheets or liquid wallpaper glue if adhering items directly to the wall.
  4. Arrange and adhere the photos, overlapping images in places. Make sure
     to cover the entire backing or wall space.
  5. Soothe all the bubbles or folds generated. Give time enough for the glue to dry after you hang your new wallpaper.

This photo collage wallpaper idea allows endless room for customization with meaningful memories. Teens can collage Wallpapers for Teenagers by specific themes like travel destinations, family, achievements in sports or activities, favorite celebrities or influencers and more.

Chalkboard Paint Wallpapers

For artistic teenagers who want a constantly changing wallpaper, chalkboard paint is the perfect DIY wall covering. By turning any wall into a chalkboard, teens can freely draw, write and erase new wallpaper designs anytime with chalk. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Make the surface of wall ready prior to applying chalkboard paint by cleaning and sanding lightly in order for it adhere better.
  2. Use 2-3 thin coats of chalkboard paint, wait to dry between the application.
  3. Allow the chalk paint time to dry for two/ three days.
  4. Before using the board, season it by rubbing both sides thoroughly with your hand so that a surface is left behind; then erase.

When the chalkboard wallpaper is ready, even teenagers can adjust this wall every single day with tasks for that particular month via chalk art and colorful calendars; to-do lists will be helpful as well as inspirational quotes from famous books. It also writes vibrant and durable chalkboard wallpapers with the help of Chalk marker pens. Using painters tape and chalk, artistic teens can also section off creative wallpaper frames, patterns or templates on the chalkboard wall.

Wall Decal and Sticker Wallpapers

Application of removable wall decals and vinyl stickers had made the task very easy for teens to get new & latest designs on their walls. With the use of these repositionable wallpapers, teens can go from small decal accents to full wall murals customizing them in any form they desire.

Some fun wall decal ideas for teenagers include:

  • Music or pop culture graphics
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Nature scenes like forests, oceans or mountain ranges
  • City skylines of favorite travel destinations
  • Flowers, trees and abstract shapes to create patterns
  • Monograms, names or initials

Follow these steps for applying wall decal wallpapers:

  1. Make sure the wall surface is smooth, clean and dry. Repair any uneven areas.
  2. Remove the decal backing and position the vinyl stickers on the wall. Smooth gently to adhere.
  3. Use a plastic smoother or credit card to smooth the entire decal, removing any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Wallpapers for Teenagers can be easily removed or repositioned thanks to the vinyl material. Clean surfaces thoroughly before applying new wall decals.

Paint Ombre Wallpapers

For a bright, rainbow style wallpaper, teenagers can paint their own ombre design. Ombre features a single color that gradually fades and blends into another shade. Painting an ombre mural is a beginner DIY project for teens but makes a major style statement in any bedroom.

Follow these simple ombre wallpaper painting tips:

  1. Tape off any edges and furniture with painters tape to protect surfaces.
  2. Apply a base coat of paint starting with the lightest ombre color.
  3. Once dry, use overlapping strokes with a paint roller to apply the next color, slightly darker than the first. Blend together.
  4. Continue overlapping lighter to darker shades, blending as you move down the wall.
  5. Finish off by removing the tape for crisp, clean edges.

Teenagers can choose any color combinations from energetic bright rainbow ombres to moody, faded black to grey. Glitter or shimmer paints also look incredible when blended from light to dark. This fun DIY wallpaper is totally customizable to every teen’s personality and preferences.

Lyrics or Quotes Wallpapers

Displaying meaningful lyrics or inspirational quotes is an easy DIY wallpaper for self-expression. With some basic art supplies and steady handwriting or calligraphy skills, teenagers can decorate their space with uplifting messages written directly on the wall.

Some tips for hand lettering quote wallpapers:

  • Lightly sketch words in pencil then trace over in desired paint, marker or pen.
  • Use varying text sizes and styles with bigger visual impact for key words or phrases.
  • Incorporate simple shapes, lines or patterns to add more texture and flair.
  • Outline block lettering with sharpie markers for 3D drop shadow dimension.

Teenagers should pick out lyrics or quotes that are personal, optimistic or make them smile. Favorite song verses paired with meaningful doodles or bright colors make wonderful wallpapers for any teen’s personal sanctuary. Display rotating monthly mantras to self-reflect or continue feeling inspired.

Fabric Covered Wallpapers

Upcycling old scarves, T-shirts, dresses or fabric yardage creates a soft, textured DIY wallpaper perfect for small spaces. Almost any lightweight fabric can adhere to the wall with liquid starch. Teenagers can choose sentimental materials from childhood or recent fashion to display.

Follow these instructions to install an easy fabric wallpaper:

  1. Wash and iron fabric to remove any wrinkles or odors. Cut or tear material into usable sections.
  2. Mix liquid starch according to package directions. Apply a thin layer to both the back of the fabric and wall area installing.
  3. Smooth fabric against the wall, overlapping edges slightly. Work from top to bottom.
  4. Use a small foam roller to apply another thin coat of starch over the fabric. Smooth any remaining bumps or ripples.
  5. Allow to dry fully before enjoying this upcycled soft wallpaper.

Teenagers can arrange fabric however they choose – repetitive patterns, random overlapping strips or large swaths. Lightweight fabrics like old band t-shirts, silk scarves or soft cottons work best. Wallpapers for Teenagers should embrace what inspires them.

Temporary Wallpaper Ideas

Some teenagers enjoy frequently changing up their bedroom as their tastes evolve. Temporary, removable wallpaper allows for customized updates any time. Instead of committing to permanent wall décor, consider these temporary wall covering ideas:

  • Peel + stick wallpaper: Pre-pasted backing adheres securely to walls without glue or water but peels up without damage
  • Wall decals + stickers: Repositionable vinyl decals stick to smooth surfaces and remove cleanly
  • Dry erase wallpaper: Turns any wall into a drawing space that wipes clean after use
  • Temporary wall murals: Large, full-wall stickers provide full customization without long-term commitment
  • Contact paper: Easy application and removal from flat surfaces like desks, shelves and drawers

Experimenting with fun colors, prints and graphics should be easy with these temporary Wallpapers for Teenagers. Quick changes keep bedrooms feeling fresh and personalized without hassle.


Teenagers have so many creative options for do-it-yourself wallpapers to make their personal spaces vibrant and inspiring. Photo collages, chalkboard paint murals, ombre designs, wall decals and hand-painted quotes are all simple beginner wallpaper projects for teens to try. Customizing a bedroom should be fun and experimental. With removable wall decals, contact paper and repositionable options, teenagers can reinvent wall décor and styles anytime with ease. Displaying meaningful memorabilia, uplifting lyrics or serene nature imagery encourages teens to relax and recharge in their private oasis. These wallpaper inspiration ideas celebrate self-expression while building DIY creativity.


What are easy beginner wallpapers for teenagers to make?

Collages from magazine cutouts or existing photos are one of the simplest wallpaper projects for teens. Wall decals, chalkboard paint and ombre designs also make beginner-friendly wallpapers.

Can teenagers do wallpaper installations themselves?

Yes, all of the creative wallpaper projects listed are meant to be teenager DIY ideas with adult supervision as needed for tools or wall preparation. These are designed to be tween/teen-friendly wallpapers to hang solo.

How can teenagers customize wallpapers to match their personalities?

Picking out wallpaper colors, imagery and quotes that align with individual interests and styles allows for lots of teen personalization. Display favorite music artists or movie character decals, paint coordinating ombre shades or collage special memories from childhood. Teens should not be afraid to fully embrace their identities.

What are quick wallpaper options for teenagers who redecorate frequently?

Wall decals, temporary stick-on wallpaper, dry erase wallpaper and contact paper can all be easily applied to surfaces and removed without damage. These allow teenagers to quickly refresh wall décor on a monthly basis or whenever their tastes change.

How can teenagers create wallpaper on a budget?

Upcycling old fabrics or existing artwork and photos allows teenagers to customize wallpapers for teenagers at little to no cost. Many wall decals and contact paper options are affordable as well, along with sample sizes of chalkboard or colorful paints. Dollar stores also offer cheap frames, art supplies and decor teens can DIY into wall art.


Wallpapers for Teenagers should balance creativity with individuality all while encouraging self-expression. Displaying positive imagery or words inspires teens to relax and recharge in their personal space. Easy application and removal allows for remixing wall décor as interests or favorites change month-to-month. Teenagers can embrace their style confidently through customized wallpaper projects. Collaging photos, lyrics or fabric scraps makes a space feel uniquely theirs.

Whether minimalist or maximalist in aesthetic, teenagers have full creative freedom thanks to endlessly customizable DIY wallpaper options. These wall murals, decals and accents make bedrooms into ever-evolving artistic canvases. Teens are free to proudly highlight their names, achievements, color palettes, music tastes or optimistic outlooks through wall art. With safety and supervision, all teenagers can unleash wallpaper inspiration tailored specifically to their space.


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