Belly Tape for Pregnancy: 11 Powerful Benefits

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Belly Tape for Pregnancy: 11 Powerful Benefits

Pregnancy belly tape has become an increasingly popular support garment during and after pregnancy. Also known as belly bands, pregnancy belts, or maternity belts, belly tapes wrap snugly around the abdomen to provide comfort and support for your growing belly. Read on to learn the many benefits of using belly tape for pregnancy.

Here are the list Benefits while using Belly Tape for Pregnancy:

Providing Back Support

As your belly expands, it puts more strain on your lower back. The added weight in the front shifts your center of gravity and causes back pain and posture changes. Belly tape lifts and supports the weight of your belly to help take pressure off your back. This provides immediate relief and improved posture. Taping early in pregnancy can help prevent routine back pain from developing.

Improving Posture

In addition to your lower back, your shoulders and spine are impacted by pregnancy weight gain. You may hunch forward or round your shoulders while carrying the extra load. Belly tape helps remind you to stand tall, pull your shoulders back, and maintain proper posture. Keeping good posture will help prevent future back and neck pain.

Relieving Pelvic Discomfort

Growing pregnancy hormones cause ligaments to relax and joints to loosen, which can lead to pelvic pain and instability. Belly tape provides gentle compression and support around the pelvic region to relieve pelvic discomfort. Taping around the hips can also help relax muscles and open up the joints.

Easing Round Ligament Pain

Round ligaments are dense tissue cords that run from the sides of your uterus down through your pelvis. The rapid growth of your uterus stretches and strains these ligaments, causing a sharp pain when changing positions. Belly tape applies gentle compression to limit the stretching and sudden movements that trigger round ligament pain.

Providing Abdominal Support

Your abdominal muscles stretch and weaken during pregnancy, which can leave the belly feeling sore and unsupported. Belly tape lifts the belly to prevent straining the abdominal muscles and eases discomfort from protruding organs pressing against the wall of your abdomen. Taping provides therapeutic abdominal compression and support.

Protecting the Belly

For some high-risk pregnancies or conditions like diastasis recti, belly tape splints protect the abdomen. Belly taping can be used to take pressure off the cervix in cases of incompetent cervix or placenta previa. It also protects the belly after cesarean sections. Always consult your provider before using tape for high-risk pregnancies.

Restoring Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti occurs when the abdominal muscles separate down the midline, causing the belly to push forward. Up to 60% of pregnant women experience diastasis recti. Belly binding after delivery helps close the gap and restore the strength and function of the abdominal muscles.

Improving C-Section Recovery

Cesarean deliveries cut through abdominal muscles, leaving the belly weak and sore. Belly binding provides compression and recovery support after c-sections. Taping reduces swelling, helps close the incision, and provides a feeling of security. Use tape to protect your belly while moving around and transitioning from lying down to standing.

Easing Transition to Pre-Pregnancy

After nine months of expansion, your abdominal muscles and skin need time to return to normal. Belly tape provides therapeutic compression to help tissues tighten back up while decreasing water retention and swelling. Binding the postpartum belly also helps you feel more supported, improving confidence and comfort.

Helping Slim the Silhouette

In the early postpartum period, belly tape can help give a smoother, slimmer silhouette. The compression flattens and smooths the belly while your body is still shrinking down. This offers confidence during the transition period when nothing fits quite right yet. Just don’t expect tape alone to dramatically slim your figure.

Providing Comfort and Support

Overall, belly tape during pregnancy helps lift the belly for comfort and applies gentle compression for support. Whether you are just starting to show or ready to pop, belly bands relieve the strain and support changes your body is going through. Taping provides therapeutic relief without medication and improves mobility, posture, and function.

Belly Tape for Pregnancy FAQS:

  1. When should I start wearing belly tape for pregnancy?
    Answer: You can begin taping your belly whenever needed for support and relief – as early as 12-14 weeks for some women. Ideal taping times are between 20-36 weeks as your belly expands.
  1. How tight should I wrap the belly tape for pregnancy?
    Answer: Wrap the tape snugly but not overly tight. It should not constrict breathing or movement. Make sure it’s smooth and comfortable. You may need to adjust the tension throughout the day.
  1. Can I wear belly tape for pregnancy under my clothes?
    Answer: Yes, belly tape is made from thin, breathable material that is worn directly against the skin. It will not be detectable under clothing.
  1. Is belly for pregnancy safe? Are there any risks?
    Belly taping is safe for most pregnancies. However, women with high-risk pregnancies should consult their providers first. Make sure the tape fits properly and doesn’t constrict blood flow. Avoid wearing it continuously overnight.
  1. Can belly tape for pregnancy be used for postpartum recovery?
    Yes, belly binding and taping are highly recommended after delivery to support and compress the abdomen during healing and transition. It is especially helpful after c-sections.


Belly tape for pregnancy provides many benefits during and after pregnancy. The compression and support help lift the belly, ease back and pelvic pain, improve posture, protect the abdomen, and assist with recovery. Belly bands are safe, and comfortable, and offer non-medical relief as your body changes. Consult your provider about using belly tape during your pregnancy journey for extra support and confidence.

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