Accessorizing Flare Yoga Pants: Tips and Ideas for a Complete Look

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Accessorizing Flare Yoga Pants: Tips and Ideas for a Complete Look

Flare yoga pants have experienced a major resurgence lately, popping up across athleisure collections and yoga studios. Characterized by their signature bootcut leg that flares out from the knee down, flare yoga pants provide both comfort and a figure-flattering retro look. This in-depth guide will cover how to select the best fabric and fit for your body type, position the flared leg opening correctly, outfit pairing ideas, and tips for integrating flare yoga pants seamlessly into your activewear wardrobe.

What Makes Flare Yoga Pants Unique

Flare yoga pants stand out from standard leggings and skinny yoga pants with the following defining features:

  • Bootcut leg shape that widens below the knee into a flare silhouette
  • Balance slimness through the hips and thighs with roominess starting mid-calf
  • Allow visibility of footwear by flaring out over the shoes
  • Offer both coverage and freedom of movement during bending and stretching
  • Provide a chic, flattering throwback look reminiscent of the 1970s

The key benefit is the flared leg opening creates a graceful drape through the calf without hugging too tightly.

Fabric Considerations for Flare Yoga Pants

Since flare pants need to stretch and move fluidly, ideal fabric choices include:

  • Spandex blends – Nylon-spandex or poly-spandex blends with approximately 5-15% spandex deliver four-way stretch.
  • Breathable cotton – Cotton-spandex blends feel cool against the skin and wick away moisture during sweaty workouts.
  • Modal or microfibers – Extremely soft, lightweight fabrics based on beechwood pulp or microfine synthetic fibers.
  • Performance fabrics – Technical fabrics like Coolmax® and bamboo rayon absorb sweat while stretching.

Avoid 100% cotton which may sag and lack stretch. The flared leg does not require as much give as the hip/thigh area.

Factors That Impact Fit of Flare Yoga Pants

Consider these elements when selecting flare pants:

  • Rise height – Mid to high rise ensures coverage and stays in place during movement.
  • Waistband – Wide waistbands offer more security than rolled waistbands.
  • Length – Cropped, ankle or full length suits different body types and heights.
  • Leg opening – Subtle versus dramatic flare at the calf determines the overall look.
  • Stretch level – Sufficient spandex content aids flexibility and unrestricted motion.

Take time to find your perfect fit – a gaping waistband or tight leg opening will undermine the flattering style.

Positioning the Flare Leg Opening Correctly

To achieve that perfect flared silhouette:

  • Pants should flare from mid-calf down to show leg shape.
  • Avoid bunching at the calves which distorts the intended drape.
  • If too long, pants can be hemmed above the ankle bone to perfect proportion.
  • For short women, taking care of flare does not overwhelm petite frames.
  • Wear heels or wedges to elongate the leg and highlight the flare.

Styling Flare Yoga Pants for Workouts or Leisure

Flare yoga pants pair beautifully with:

  • Cropped athletic tops – Show off a hint of midriff when performing yoga poses.
  • Oversized sweatshirts – Balance the bootcut leg with the slouchy top.
  • Plunging sports bras – Feminine and flirty paired with the flare.
  • Fitted tanks tucked in – Show off the waist by tucking in slim tanks.
  • Ankle booties – Heeled boots elongate the leg line.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Accessorizing Flare Yoga Pants:

    Q1: What rise options typically exist for flare yoga pants?
    Mid-rise hits around the belly button area while high-rise sits at the natural waistline for optimal coverage.

    Q2: Which shoes pair best fashion-wise with flared yoga pants?
    Heeled booties or wedges complement the leg. Sleek sneakers in similar colors also look great.

    Q3: Can petite women wear flare yoga pants or do they overwhelm small frames?
    Yes, just be careful the flare isn’t too exaggerated. Ankle length with a subtle flare is most proportional in shorter women.

    Q4: Are flare pants only suitable for slim body types?
    No – if sized properly, the flare can flatter wider figures too. The key is looking for a tapered silhouette through the hips/thighs.

    Q5: What styles of tops complement flare yoga pants best?
     Answer: Cropped and fitted tops balance the flared legs nicely. Drapey oversized tops work too for variation.


With their leg-lengthening silhouette and retro vibe, flare yoga pants offer both comfort and style whether worn to yoga class, while running errands, or casual weekend wear. Choose flares in fabrics with stretch, in lengths, and rises that suit your frame, and pair them with coordinating tops and footwear to maximize their flair.

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