7 Best Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms

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7 Best Pregnancy Books for First-Time Moms

When you find out you’re pregnant with your first child, suddenly you’re inundated with questions, concerns, and a need to prepare. Pregnancy books can provide immense value for expectant first-time mothers, answering your questions, calming your worries, and getting you ready for motherhood. This guide covers the 7 Best Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms to read if you’re a first timer.

Why Read Pregnancy Books?

A woman, expecting a child, engrossed in a book while comfortably seated on a couch. (Best Pregnancy Books)

Pregnancy is a time of great change and uncertainty. Your body is going through transformations and you’re getting ready to take on an entirely new role as a mother. Best Pregnancy Books for First-Time Moms help by:

  • Providing insight on what to expect during each trimester and delivery. This allows you to anticipate changes and challenges.
  • Offering tips on nutrition, exercise, symptom management, and other practical aspects of pregnancy. This empowers you to take great care of yourself and your baby.
  • Giving guidance on getting your home, relationship, and finances ready for a newborn. These logistics can be overwhelming for first-timers.
  • Explaining baby care basics like feeding, sleeping, development, and more to get you prepared for parenthood.
  • Helping alleviate worries and fears by sharing the experiences of other mothers who’ve been where you are.
  • Allowing you to hear from experts like doctors, midwives, and experienced moms.
  • Serving as helpful references you can turn to whenever questions or concerns arise.

The 7 Best Pregnancy Books for First-Time Moms

Here are the Best Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms for valuable insights you won’t find in your prenatal class:

  1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting – The pregnancy bible, updated edition after edition with the latest medical expertise. Covers it all with humor and compassion.
  2. The Mother of All Pregnancy Books – Full of helpful checklists and advice from OB-GYN, midwives, doulas, and experts to prepare and empower you.
  3. Baby Bump: Your Pregnancy Week-By-Week – This gorgeous illustrated guide to each week’s development and what’s happening in your body and baby. Uplifting and informational.
  4. The Natural Pregnancy Book: Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic Choices – Everything you need to know about embracing pregnancy naturally, from renowned midwife Aviva Romm.
  5. The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Handbook: An Ob-Gyn’s Guide to Pregnancy and Early Motherhood – Dr. JJ Levenstein’s guide covers fertility, each trimester, delivery, and the fourth trimester. Reassuring advice.
  6. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide – From the world-renowned Healthy Children Project, this book covers everything from conception through postpartum care. Photos and illustrations.
  7. Your Pregnancy & Newborn Journey: A Guide for Pregnant Teens – Non-judgmental, engaging guide tailored to help teen first-time moms have healthy pregnancies and become great parents.

Key Features to Look for Best Pregnancy Books for First-Time Moms

When researching Best Pregnancy Books for First-Time Moms, look for the following:

  • Recently updated with the latest obstetrics information
  • Written by reputable experts like doctors, midwives, doulas
  • Covers pregnancy milestones, symptoms, self-care
  • Addresses emotional aspects like anxiety, relationships
  • Offers guidance on preparing for newborn care
  • Includes nutrition and exercise recommendations
  • Provides tips for dads/partners to help support mom
  • Realistic perspectives from experienced moms
  • Comprehensive without information overload

FAQS About Best Pregnancy Books for First-Time Moms :

Q: Should first-time moms take prenatal classes in addition to reading pregnancy books?
Answer: Yes, prenatal classes are great to supplement books. Classes often provide personalized guidance, support networks, and hands-on practice you can’t get from books alone. Read up then take classes for the full experience.

Q: Which is better – reading pregnancy books or relying on online resources?
Answer: Both books and online articles & videos offer excellent information from reputable sources. Books provide a more cohesive reference to return to. But utilize both books and sites like WhatToExpect.com for comprehensive support.

Q: When is the best time during pregnancy to start reading books for preparation?
Answer: It’s never too early! Reading from the start helps you understand the phases. That said, the 2nd trimester can be ideal as 1st trimester exhaustion subsides and you want to learn everything about your growing baby.

Q: Should my husband/partner also read pregnancy books?
Answer: Absolutely! Books geared at first-time dads and partners exist too. Reading together allows you to learn, discuss, and prepare as a team. Even mom-focused books will give dad insight into your experience.

Q: Do I need to buy pregnancy books or are they available for free online?
Answer: Many books are available electronically through Amazon, Apple Books, libraries, etc. But for great reference guides, a hard copy can be worthwhile. Go with what best fits your reading preferences and budget.


Reading the right pregnancy books helps calm fears, answers important questions, and sets you up for the best birth and motherhood experience possible. For first-time moms, books provide the ultimate preparation guide. Focus on titles written by experts and real moms so you can learn from those in the know. Most importantly, choose books that empower you with knowledge during this life-changing journey into parenthood.

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