4 Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy

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4 Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy

It includes iron, which plays a critical role in the pregnancy process. Iron is used by your body to make hemoglobin which is found in red blood cells, it helps transport oxygen from you and also to your baby through the placenta. Your blood volume increases during pregnancy and hence you need more iron to generate additional hemoglobin so that you and your growing baby can get sufficient oxygen.

Anemia, resulting in fatigue, weakness, pale skin, headaches, dizziness, palpitation, and shortness of breath are prevented by sufficient iron. Iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy is linked to premature delivery as well as low birth weight babies. However, the daily recommendation during pregnancy rises to 27 mg which, by all means, is higher compared to the 18 mg recommended for adult women.

Unfortunately, many pregnant women do not meet the increased iron needs through diet alone. Up to 80% of pregnant women become iron deficient, making iron supplementation crucial during pregnancy. The Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy provides the necessary amount of iron without side effects. Here are some of the top picks for iron supplements for pregnant women.

Slow-Release Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy

Slow-release iron supplements are gentle on the stomach and less likely to cause constipation – a common complaint with standard iron supplements. Slow-release capsules have an outer shell that slowly dissolves over 8-10 hours, providing a steady release of iron without a sudden high dose. Two good slow-release iron supplement options are:

  1. MegaFood Blood Builder Minis – These contain 20 mg of iron from whole food sources along with vitamin C and B vitamins. The Blood Builder formula is non-constipating, easier to absorb, and gentler on the stomach.
  2. SlowFe Iron Tablets – SlowFe provides 45 mg of ferrous gluconate iron in a timed-release delivery. It is non-constipating and contains vitamin C to aid iron absorption.

Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy (Liquid Iron Supplements)

Liquid iron supplements are another gentle, easily absorbed form that may cause less stomach upset and constipation. Two good liquid iron supplement choices include:

  1. Floradix Liquid Iron – This liquid contains 17 mg of iron from an herbal food extract, along with vitamin C, B vitamins, and fruit juice extract. It has good absorption without constipation.
  2. NovaFerrum Liquid Iron – NovaFerrum provides 26 mg of iron in each daily dose. It has a mixed berry flavor and is gentle on the stomach.

Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy with Vitamin C

Taking iron supplements with vitamin C has been shown to increase absorption by up to 67%. Vitamin C boosts iron absorption by converting ferric iron to ferrous iron, which is more bioavailable. Two iron supplements with added vitamin C are:

  1. Vitron-C – This provides 65 mg of iron as ferrous fumarate along with 500 mg of vitamin C to enhance absorption. It is easy on the stomach.
  2. Iron Plus Natural – It contains 50 mg of iron as ferrous sulfate plus 500 mg of vitamin C. The added vitamin C prevents constipation.

Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy with Probiotics and Fiber

Probiotics and fiber can help improve digestion and prevent the constipation that often accompanies iron supplementation. Good options include:

  1. MegaFood Blood Builder – Contains 25 mg iron from whole food sources plus probiotics and fiber to support healthy digestion. The nutrients are easier to absorb.
  2. Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron – Provides 28 mg of iron along with probiotics, enzymes, and vitamin C derived from raw whole foods. It is easy to digest.

The most important thing is choosing an iron supplement that provides sufficient iron for pregnancy without causing gastrointestinal upset. Slow-release capsules, liquids, iron paired with vitamin C, probiotics, and fiber can help minimize side effects. Always follow dosing recommendations and take iron supplements with food to increase tolerance. Let your healthcare provider know if you have any lingering side effects. With the right iron supplement, you can meet your increased need during pregnancy and prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy FAQS:

1. Why do I need more iron during pregnancy?
Answer: Your blood volume expands during pregnancy, so more iron is needed to produce hemoglobin and prevent anemia. Iron helps deliver oxygen efficiently to you and your developing baby.

2. How much iron should I take each day if I’m pregnant?
Answer: The recommended daily intake of iron during pregnancy is 27 mg. Your prenatal vitamin likely contains some iron, so the amount you need from supplements depends on how much iron your vitamin provides.

3. When should I start taking Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy?
Answer: Iron needs increase most dramatically during the second and third trimesters. Starting gentle iron supplementation after the first trimester is reasonable for most women. Have your iron levels checked and discuss your needs with your doctor.

4. Are all iron supplements constipating?
Answer: Standard iron pills often cause constipation. However, slow-release iron, liquid iron, and iron with probiotics or fiber are formulated to be gentler on your digestive system.

5. Are iron supplements safe?
Answer: When taken at the recommended dosage, iron supplements are safe during pregnancy. Always follow dosing guidelines and tell your doctor about any supplements you take. Too much iron can be toxic.


Best Iron Supplement for Pregnancy is essential for pregnant women to support increased blood volume and prevent fatigue, anemia, and low birth weight babies. Iron supplementation, especially forms that are gentle on your stomach, can help you meet the 27 mg daily recommendation. Slow-release iron, liquid iron, iron with vitamin C, probiotics, and fiber are less likely to cause side effects like constipation. With the right iron supplement, you can get the iron you need during this important time.

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