10 Ways to Make Your Christmas Gift Box Stand Out

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10 Ways to Make Your Christmas Gift Box Stand Out

The holiday season is a special time for giving heartfelt gifts. Often, the packaging creates excitement when gifts are nestled under the tree. Gift boxes make perfect vessels to elevate gifts before unwrapping. Crafting custom packages also enables creativity and savings using materials around the home. In this newsletter, we can discover 10 innovative methods to make your Christmas gift box stand out, from specific wrapping techniques to personalized touches to be able to go away a long-lasting impression.

With imagination, you can transform cardboard boxes, crates, tins, jars, bags and more into personalized vessels filled with Christmas spirit.

Christmas Gift Box

Explore 10 Ways to Make Your Christmas Gift Box Stand Out:

1. Decoupage Vintage Christmas Scenes

For a handmade heirloom look, decoupage vintage Santa illustrations, tree drawings or paper snowflake cutouts onto plain craft boxes. This technique adheres images permanently to surfaces but also provides dimension to make scenes pop off the box.


  • Cardboard containers
  • Printable clip art depicting traditional holiday motifs
  • Clear acrylic sealer
  • Sponge brush
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Carefully cut out main imagery leaving white space around details to create clean silhouettes
  2. Arrange cutouts in a collage style while preparing the box
  3. Lightly brush sealer on the box to prime the surface
  4. Position cutouts to envision the finished scene
  5. Overlap some edges to show depth
  6. Smooth from center outward eliminating air pockets
  7. Seal decorations evenly across surface
  8. Allow to dry overnight
  9. Finish by coating again fully for protection
  10. Crisscross ribbons through opening before gifting

2. Wrap Crates in Natural Elements

Large wooden and cardboard crates make excellent vessels for oversized holiday gifts. Create natural inspiration by:

  1. Lining the entire outside of a crate with burlap
  2. Using a hot glue gun to attach pieces around all outer edges
  3. Cutting evergreen stems and sprigs from trees into smaller pieces
  4. Adhering them sporadically to the burlap using more hot glue
  5. Tucking in pinecones, cinnamon sticks or eucalyptus fronds as accents

Their fresh scents will fill the air. The recipient can repurpose the greenery and wooden box.

To finish, tie raffia bows onto the box with a loop for lifting the custom designed top. Simply secure the ends underneath for no-fuss packaging.

3. Stuff Cozy Socks with Sweet Surprises

Colorful holiday socks serve as both wrapping and containers to hold small stocking stuffer gifts.

  1. Fill legs and ankles with treats like candies, lotions or candles
  2. Twist, tie or accent the gathered ankle with ribbon or raffia to seal contents inside
  3. Arrange toe and heel fabric so gifts nestle inside
  4. Fold over stretchy cuffs as built-in flaps to close the tops and conceal contents

Line up gifts under the tree like special stockings. Refill socks year after year.

4. Embellish Simple Christmas Gift Boxes

An easy craft project creates dazzling covered containers using household papers and glue.

  1. Gather scrapbook sheets, gift wrap, recycled book pages, maps or craft papers
  2. Adhere papers using decoupage medium or thinned white glue
  3. Seal bends and edges with craft glue or specialty tapes once fully stuck
  4. Fold over any paper excess to create clean crisp lines
  5. Mix wild wrapping sheets for custom look
  6. Showcase focal point “windows” across the box

The recipient will gasp before opening this pretty envelope!

5. Stenciled Motifs Make Ordinary Christmas Gift Boxes Extraordinary

Even cardboard shipping boxes become remarkable when decorated with custom stenciled designs. Boldly brush painted poinsettias, snowflakes, trees, angels or stars directly onto cartons of all shapes and sizes to identify contents inside.


  1. Choose durable cardboard, canvas, burlap or plastic base boxes
  2. Sketch simplified icons, words or seasonal vignettes to feature
  3. Draft images on paper then cut out the finished outlines to form reusable plastic or felt stencils
  4. Position templates on packaging and anchor lightly with painter’s tape
  5. Use foam brushes and acrylic craft paints in coordinating colors
  6. Dab polka dots, stripes or fills across the open stencil voids so paint remains crisp
  7. Carefully reposition stencils as needed for overall balanced composition
  8. Allow painted boxes to dry fully overnight before gently stacking to prevent smudging

Customized stenciling adds a personal touch recipients adore.

6. Artistically Wrap Christmas Gift Boxes for Stylish Illusion

Skip gifting bags and filler by turning store bought Christmas Gift boxes into elaborately wrapped showpieces.


  1. Conceal original shape using sheets of thicker wrapping paper secured tightly across the entire exterior
  2. Smooth necessary folds and creases at edges, corners and flaps to replicate an actual wrapped parcel
  3. Attach paper using double sided tape so it looks realistically packaged
  4. Stamp personalized motifs, designs or sentiments onto paper types before adhering
  5. Print meaningful family photos and decoupage collage style covering every area
  6. Adhere decorative holiday embellishments as dazzling overlays
  7. Let kids help decorate special areas with drawings or colors

Unveiling a completely concealed creation portrays thoughtfulness inside and out.

7. Make Images Magically Pop Out of Christmas Gift Box

Surprise gifts seem to pop out of packages using this animated slice and insert paper engineering technique.


  1. Print or hand draw holiday images you’d like to stand up inside the box
  2. Select a sturdy lidded box to transform into a slice box stage
  3. Calculate how many 1” wide images will fit around the box sides
  4. Use a ruler with rotary wheel to carefully slice through box layers, not fully to the bottom
  5. Make slits to insert scaled drawings printed 1” wide x box height
  6. Glue images into the cuts to stand upright, anchored behind box walls
  7. Conceal special treats under a false bottom for bonus excitement

Endless paper play opportunities exist with this interactive slice and insert concept.

8. Stack Layers of Meaning Inside for Added Impact

When a christmas gift box opens to reveal treasures layered within, the anticipation amplifies.

  1. Start with a sturdy cardboard cube sized to the items
  2. Wrap base and lid separately, decorate externals distinctively
  3. This exterior serves as just a shell concealing special contents stacked artfully underneath
  4. Bake homemade treats or craft useful dried ornaments to gift in bulk
  5. Arrange on a base of stuffing, with sides mounded high
  6. Top off with a mini stocking filled with goodies

Anything suited for gift baskets translates nicely when attractively layered inside a lidded christmas gift box, building excitement.

9. Shine a Light Through with Homemade Lanterns

You can achieve holiday magic cheaply by hand cutting winter silhouettes and figures to illuminate.


  1. Gather plain cardboard shipping boxes, single wall works best
  2. Sketch simpler icons and seasonal vignettes centered on all panels
  3. Use a craft knife to carefully pierce along pencil outlines, cutting layers without tearing
  4. Erase markings then add string lights or battery tealights inside
  5. Reseal sidewall holes completely with shipping tapes

Inexpensive homemade light box lanterns spark nostalgia through intricate cutout glow.

10. Add Dimension Using Household Items

Simple statement pieces around your home help basic christmas gift boxes stand out by lending creativity.

  1. Perch standard cubes atop books or manuals stacked high
  2. Attach wood blocks, terra cotta pots or tubes using a glue gun underneath as arty risers
  3. Coil wide ribbon bows, secured by oversized embellished pins
  4. Stud the exterior with buttons, game pieces or holiday confetti using adhesive
  5. Punch shapes from coasters to adhere as lightweight cutout ornaments

Odd additions mean excitement multiplies as recipients unveil mystery contents inside.


There are endless easy yet creative ways to enhance plain christmas gift boxes using common craft supplies, natural elements and basic materials or packaging on hand. Simply decorating the exterior with stenciled shapes, paper embellishments, fabric, paintings/photos or typography makes a statement. Concealing special items inside, be it homemade food gifts, mini stockings or pop up props, provides an element of surprise.

Allowing light to shine through laser cut silhouettes makes for an inexpensive custom lantern. And uniquely wrapping, stacking or propping up an ordinary christmas gift box helps it stand out in unexpected ways with added dimension. With a bit of effort, you can transform any basic container into a beautiful part of the gift itself that will be admired before what’s inside is revealed.


  1. What can I decorate plain brown shipping boxes with?You can decorate plain shipping boxes with burlap, pinecones, evergreen branches, cinnamon sticks, bare twigs, ribbon, raffia, wrapping paper, tissue paper, photos, footprints, fabric scraps, and so much more. Get creative with materials you have.
  2. What are some quick ways to embellish wrapped christmas gift boxes?Some fast ways to embellish christmas gift boxes include adding bows or pom poms made from ribbon, attaching decoratively trimmed drink coasters as mini ornaments, glueing shaped pasta or sequins to form designs, punching shapes from patterned papers, applying stickers and glitter glues or adhering pre-made paper flowers.
  3. How do you make christmas gift boxes light up for the holidays?Cut out shapes from all sides of a cardboard box, leaving a bottom intact. Place string lights, string LEDs or battery powered tealights inside. Then reseal the openings using shipping tape so that the light can only been seen coming out of the cutout shapes you made.
  4. Can I use socks to gift small presents?Yes, socks work great for packing narrow bottles, candy, tea bags, jewelry, candles, bath bombs and more. Simply arrange your gift item(s) inside the sock, then tie, ribbon or seal the ankle area closed to contain everything before wrapping for gifting under the tree. The stretchy cuff makes a perfect built-in lid.
  5. How do I make my christmas gift box appear elaborately wrapped?Any store bought christmas gift box can be cleverly disguised as an elaborately wrapped present. Start by covering it completely with sturdier wrapping paper, include necessary folds and seams to give a wrapped illusion. Then come up with ways to adorn the “wrapping paper” itself by adding stamped images, stenciled patterns, drawings, collaged papers, photos and embellishments.


The key is to make your holiday gifts feel as special as the recipient. A beautifully or distinctively packaged gift delights even before what’s inside is revealed, building anticipation. Any basic container – from cardboard christmas gift boxes, tin cans and wooden crates to drawstring bags, jars and cloth sacks – can be transformed into a memorable presentation. With a bit of ingenuity, easily obtained craft supplies, natural elements or common reusable materials can be used to create stunning custom christmas gift boxes that stand out with DIY personality and love. The end results are sure to reflect the true spirit of the season through your personalized creative touches on the outside and heartfelt gifts within.


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