10 Birthday Gift Box Creative Ideas

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10 Birthday Gift Box Creative Ideas

Searching for the ideal birthday present is a headache. Rather than merely giving a package to someone, try placing the gift inside an individualized birthday present box. With birthday gift boxes, you can create a sense of suspense and joy before the present is even opened by them. And with all these incredible wrapping papers, ribbons, accessories and box options you have to choose from it is easy for you to come up with a personalized gorgeous package.

Birthday Gift Box

Here are 10 unique birthday gift box ideas to bring a grin to your birthday boy or girl’s face. These creative packaging concepts will turn any ordinary gift into a memorable one.

1. Cake Box Gift Box

How else to enjoy a birthday than with the birthday cake? As your birthday giftt box, use a cardboard cake case and stuff it with tissue paper. If you want, place a smaller gift-wrapped box with the real present inside and then decorate this outer wrapping to look like an actual birthday cake – minor details such as not forgetting about frosting, sprinkles, candies or whatever aspect makes it seem attractive from outside. Open the top of the cake gift box to reveal the surprise hidden treat inside.

2. Book Box

For the bookworm in your life, wrap their gift inside a hollowed-out book that matches their taste. Hardback copies can easily be transformed into a birthday gift box by cutting a rectangle in the pages to hold a small gift. Line the hole with fabric or wrapping paper to hide the contents. Close the book and wrap a ribbon around it for a clever way to disguise your present.

3. Puzzle Box Birthday Gift Box

Give your birthday boy or girl a puzzle to work on before they can open the gift. Take a wooden puzzle box and put in the gift card or piece of jewelry before locking it up. Leave the birthday puzzle box wrapped up with a note including instructions for how to open it. They’ll have fun figuring out the right sequence of slides, locks, and lifts to unlock their birthday treat.

4. Balloon Box

Birthdays become even more fun when you’ve got inflated decorations, such as balloons. Balloon up few latex balloons and fill with wrapped birthday gift box before closing. Position them aesthetically in a big gift container or basket to let the birthday girl or boy open one balloon after another until she discovers what you’ve kept secret there.

5. Fortune Cookie Box

Share your best birthday wishes along with a special treat using a Chinese takeout box filled with fortune cookies. Write personalized messages on slips of paper with a birthday blessing, compliment, or prediction for the coming year. Tuck them inside store-bought or homemade fortune cookies and carefully arrange inside the folded paper takeout box. Nestle a small wrapped gift in the center for them to discover after reading each fortune.

6. Piñata Box

With a pull-string piñata birthday gift box, start the party. Using strips of tissue paper, crepe streamers or shredded materials put them in a cardboard box. Suspend a wrapped gift from the inside top using ribbon. Cover the outside of the box with bright paper and drawings or photos of your birthday honoree’s favorite things. Add pull strings so they can open the flap and pull items out one by one until they discover their gift.

7. Wardrobe Box

Surprise your fashionista friend with a gift from their dream clothing brand packaged with some glamorous flair. Use an old wardrobe box from your local department store and line it with tissue paper or wrapping paper. Conceal your wrapped gift inside and include fake foam hangers, garment bags, and price tags listing ridiculously expensive amounts to recreate the high-end shopping experience.

8. Treasure Chest

Spark their imagination with a pirate-themed treasure chest birthday gift box! Use a faux leather jewelry box or wooden chest and accessorize with gold cord, chains, fake coins and jewels from any craft store. Line it with shredded paper, sand, or straw before burying your wrapped gift inside. They’ll feel like a kid again when they dig through the contents to discover their booty. Leave behind a treasure map or cryptic clues to create an even more thrilling reveal.

9. Vending Machine Box

Imagine their surprise when you hand over what looks exactly like a vending machine full of their favorite snacks! Craft or buy a cardboard vending machine box and fill the rows with treats. Place your real gift in the retrieval bin at the bottom with a “Sold Out” sign posted to throw them off the trail. Rig a makeshift coin slot and lever so after they insert payment and make their selection, out pops their birthday present!

10. Message in a Bottle

With this unique gift, make a romantic voyage towards a wrecked ship! Print out a distressed vintage treasure map on a coffee-stained piece of paper. Write a letter explaining their gift was recovered from a watery grave in pirate’s cove, the bermuda triangle, or a deserted island. Seal both the map and your wrapped gift into an old bottle with sand, shells, beads, cork and wax. They’ll love cracking open this seafaring time capsule to reveal the loot inside.


With so many distinct personalities, interests, and style preferences, there are endless options when it comes to wrapping gifts creatively. Whether your birthday girl or boy is silly or sophisticated, indoorsy or adventurous, they’ll be tickled to uncover their present inside one of these unique birthday gift boxes.

The anticipation factor involved in special packaging builds excitement and turns an average gift into a thrilling discovery. So take some time to make your birthday gift reveal memorable by disguising it inside cake boxes, treasure chests, message bottles, or any container that suits the birthday VIP. The elements of surprise, mystery, and playfulness are guaranteed to delight.


What materials do I need to make a homemade birthday gift box?

You can make homemade birthday gifts boxes using materials you already have at home such as cardboard shipping boxes, tissue paper, wrappingpaper ribbon string bags fabric scraps feathers lace stickers and other things. Get creative repurposing cigar boxes, tins, jars, hat boxes, or wooden crates too.

What should I put inside a gift box?

The sky’s the limit when filling a birthday gift box! A beautifully wrapped present is classic, but you could also include gift cards, money, lottery tickets, concert tickets, sentimental notes, candy, baked goods, small toys, homemade coupons, jewelry or anything else that fits the birthday boy or girl’s personality.

What are some birthday gift box ideas for kids?

Kids will adore birthday gift boxes with fun themes like pirates, princesses, superheroes, animals, outer space, dinosaurs, unicorns, or their current movie/tv obsessions. Appeal to their imagination by disguising gifts inside pinatas, treasure chests, LEGO boxes, Nerf boxes, doll houses, toy trucks, puppet theaters or forts.

What extra elements help decorate a gift box?

After choosing a container for their present, accessorize your birthday gift box with elements like bows, flowers, ribbons, fabric, raffia, tissue paper, shredded paper, confetti, streamers, stickers, glitter, pom poms, feathers, or anything sparkly. You can also incorporate their interests or party theme.

How do I make a birthday gift box extra memorable?

Personalization is key for any memorable present. Address your birthday box to the recipient and include custom art, photos, logos or images printed on photo paper to affix to your box. Handwrite messages on tags, notes or the outside wrapping paper too. The more custom details suited to them, the better.


Birthdays come every year, but unique presents sure to impress come along rarely. While the gift inside counts the most, imaginative packaging helps make celebrating their big day even more special. Any basic box can transform into a delightful surprise when you take time to decorate it creatively based on the birthday person’s distinct personality and interests.

Whether they’re into travel, tech, baking, pets, magic, or anything else, a customized container adds an element of awe and discovery that inexpensive yet thoughtful birthday gifts often lack. Follow this guide’s box-within-a-box blueprint to conceal your present in colorful wrappers before tucking it away again inside fortune cookies, book pages, or balloon bouquets for the ultimate unveil. Their face is sure to light up when your gift is finally revealed.

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